Are you someone who is just fed up with overweight? Do you know one of the best calories burned exercise is walking? Calories burned walking is one of the simple and all-rounder exercises. It is the most effective way to lose weight. It is well known to everyone. We all know how to walk.
The benefits of walking are countless. It is one of the great and easy ways for reducing diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. We can stay healthy and fit forever with by walking. So walking should be a good daily exercise. We all should make a habit of walking regularly.
What do calories burn walking do to our body?
• Regular walking strengthens the heart through controlling cholesterol level.
• It reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and some cancers.
• It enhances the functionality of the lungs.
• It is good for bones and joints.
• It improves the body’s cardiovascular system.
• It improves muscle endurance as well as muscle strength.
• It helps to supply oxygen and nutrients to every cell of our body and we become refreshed.
• 30 minutes of walking can burn 150 calories. So we can lose weight by walking.
• Walking helps us prevent stress and depression and keep ourselves fresh and happy.
• It increases overall fitness
How often should we walk?
Health experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise daily, for a minimum of five days a week. We can walk 30 minutes daily to keep ourselves fit and healthy.
What to need at the time of calories burned walking?
• Shoes
• A comfortable and loose T-shirt
• Loose Pant
• One bottle of pure drinking water
How to start walking?
Don’t need to walk one hour from the beginning. First, start walking 5 minutes daily. After ten days, try to walk 30 minutes daily. Then keep it daily. It is better to walk 5 minutes before start jogging. It will help you warm up your body.
How to increase calories burned walking time?
• Get off at an earlier bus-stop than your usual one can add on a two to three-minute walk. Make it a habit. It may not sound much but if you do that twice a day, every day, it all adds up.
• Rather than using elevators, try to use stairs as much as you can.
• Make a habit of walking around the corridor for 5 to ten minutes during your lunch break.
• Try to park your car before your office, if you use the car.
• For movement of every short distance make a habit of walking
Where to walk?
It is not necessary that you have to go to the park to work regularly. You can walk on the roof of your house, on stairs or in a shopping mall. At the time of journey try to avoid vehicle if it is possible. By the way, you can make your journey good and enjoyable with walking.
Nowadays most of the people are becoming fat. Obesity is now a big challenge. Our excess calories get stored due to not burning it. We can burn our calories through daily exercise or physical activities. Walking is undoubtedly a good exercise. We can easily burn our unused calories through walking. So, the best calories burned exercise such as walking is important for most of us.

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