There are many people who do not like coloured and painted walls. They prefer the natural and classy white walls instead of the painted or patterned walls. Even if they want to make some changes to their houses, they will use creative ways to cover the wall instead of painting the wall.

Fiber glass wall covering: This wall covering gives reinforcement to the wall. As fiberglass are durable and breathable material that is not affected by either water or the sun. These are impact resistant, ready to use, washable and come in great color, patterns and designs.

Textile fiber wall covering: Available in variety of ranges, also gives sound absorbing solution. Best in the education, commercial offices, theatres, libraries, retail and hospitality sectors.

Silk wall covering: Wall covering with silk give a luxury and rich look to your wall and create totally unique and dramatic look.

Vinyl wall covering: These are wallcoverings with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or acrylic type vinyl coating. Some vinyl wallcoverings contain a paper substrate or fabric backing, but these are still considered durable due to its vinyl surface.

Hygienic wall covering: As per the name where hygienic is the key thing, hygienic wallcovering is generally used. Wall covering prevent the spread or growth of germs, bacteria on the surface. It is best for maintaining the hygiene in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, kitchens, bathrooms and so many other places.

Fire retardant wall covering: Fire retardant wall covering are making both resident and commercial building safer and stronger environment. It is resistant to fire.

Paper backing wall covering: paper backing wall covering is like a commercial strippable paper that adds a fabric to wall which turns any fabric into custom wallpapers or wallcovering

Antibacterial wall covering: It destroys and prevents the multiplication of bacteria. Antibacterial wall covering make any environment cleaner and decorative wallpaper

Decorative wallpaper: Decorative wallpaper is a material used in decoration to decorate the walls of homes, public buildings and so on places. It cover uneven surface and minor defect on wall and give a brilliant look to your wall.

Fabric wall covering: Fabric wall covering is used instead of painting, wallpapering your walls. BY fabric wall covering you can redecorate your room every few months. The beauty of fabric walls is that it is essentially reusable.

Heavy duty wall covering: Heavy duty wall coverings method that can protect the wall from heavy impact, damage caused on the wall by rubbing by something hard on it, corrosion and from so on damages

So, these are some of the wall covering that can make your interior look better as per your needs.

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