Water damage restoration companies that deal with storm water extraction have developed different effective sets of procedures that help them deal with such a big challenge. While the objective may be the same, there is a big difference in dealing with a leakage the results from faulty plumbing and waters coming from a flood. The aim in case of flood water is to try to remove trash and debris as well as all materials that were destroyed and quickly dry up the building so that it is fit for habitation as soon as possible. Doing an efficient water damage cleanup requires experience, skills and equipment only a certified water damage company can have

While rapid response is an important aspect when you are dealing with storm damage cleanup, water damage cleanup technicians will first of all do a quick survey of your property to know the enormity of the problem they are dealing with. If the company’s crew is able to arrive in good time, they should be able to salvage some of your furniture, flooring, appliances and some expensive items that you may want to avoid replacing. Technicians from these companies have different sets of meters that usually help them to determine the moisture level in your property as well as different objects; the meters will easily take readings on and below the surface. With the readings they have, they will be able to determine what they will require in order to dry your home effectively and how long it is likely going to take.

After water damage restoration technicians have known the extent of the problem at hand, they will start by extracting all pooled moisture. You know that burst pipes and floods will leave several inches of water on your floors within such a short time; all this water needs to be mopped up before any meaningful cleanup can begin. Water damage extraction technicians have commercial extractors that will quickly gather up any pooled water and moisture that is embedded as well as water pumps at hand; they actually have the most powerful truck mounted water extraction units.

The greatest part of the water damage restoration service id drying and this is where the efforts will be concentrated most of the time. Materials such as cellulose will be impossible to salvage if they take in water that is about 25% of their weight while submerged carpeting will lose more than 50% of its integrity if it is left submerged in water in 24 hours. Wooden floors are even worse because the smallest amount of exposure to moisture will easily cause them to warp. Apart from drying, water restoration forms will fix physical water damage in addition to dealing with any pathogens especially those that remain as a result of floods and sewage backflows.

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