Our behaviors are major causes of our depression. These behaviors are grouped into three categories:
1. Relationships
2. Activities
3. Copings


The unhealthy relationship is a common cause of depression. So, an important part of depression treatment is to improve the relationships. The loneliness and the low -level of communication can worsen depression. Appropriate relationships and talking about our feelings reduce effect of negative thoughts that create our depression.

Destructive behaviors

Keep it to yourself. If you've had some bad news, or a major upset, don't tell someone close to you - don't tell them how you feel.
Don't join a support group for depression
Don't turn to trusted friends and family members.
Don't try to keep up with social activities even if you feel like it.
Socialize with negative people
Complain and cry a lot.
Don't set realistic goals.
Don't assume a reasonable amount of responsibility.
Be alone
Don't let your family and friends help you.
Don't talk to one person about your feelings.
Don't help someone else by volunteering.
Don't accompany someone to the movies, a concert, or a small get-together.
Don't pray
Don't email to an old friend
Don't go to party or gym.
Don't confide to the counselor, or the therapist
Don't meet new people by taking a class or joining a club.


Doing daily life routing things and other activities prevent depression. In contrast not moving and staying in bed worsen the depression. To do the activities of daily life especially along with concentration can improve our depression.

Destructive behaviors

Don't do activity such as walking, housework, and other activities that are part of your normal routine.
Don't spend some time in nature.
Do not go out of the house.
Don't garden.
Don't paint.
Do not play with the pets.
Listen to sad music.
Don't read inspirational books.
Watch a horrid movie or TV news.
Don't exercise now.


Important strategies for dealing with depression include: to control effects of depression, stress management, and to prevent depression.

Destructive behaviors

Don't tackle the cause of your depression
Use alcohol and cannabis, because they can make your depression worse.
Don't eat regularly specific fresh fruit and vegetables.
Sleep too little or too much.
Don't manage your stress.
Escape from your problems.
Don't keep hopeful.
Expect your mood to improve immediately, not gradually.
Feel negative about life's events.
Feel guilty about every thing.
Feel overly responsible for other people's feelings.
Don't break large tasks into small ones.
Don't set some priorities.
Don't remain hopeful during challenging and difficult times
Don't rebound quickly from frustration and disappointment.

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Dr.Arbasi is physician and specialize in hypnotherapy. http://hypnothai.wordpress.com