Some people say to me that they cannot use the power of their mind to image anything.
Think of a tropical island. Palm trees gently swaying in the sea breeze. Walking barefoot on the soft warm sand of the beach, feeling it giving against the soles of your feet and coming up over your toes as you sink into it.
The warmth of the sun on your skin.
Listening to the sound of waves washing gently, soothingly onto the seashore and beautiful birdsong in the background.
Most of you will have had a clear picture in your mind of an idyllic scene, you have visioned something that only existed in firstly mine, then yours and now our collective imagination.

This is a word we tend to hear a lot about these days.
Interconnectedness of all things.
We are composed of energy. If we could zoom in and see our bodies in microscopic detail, we would see atoms in motion and an awful lot of space in between. This is energy.
And it is the same with all living things, and by this I do mean ALL entities that live. Be they animal, vegetable, tree, insect…everything is energy, even the air that we breathe and the water we drink is composed of atoms combined with energy.
When we take a herb or a medicine we are combining the energy of the plants or drugs with our own personal energy; and by changing the vibrational rate of our cells which might be causing illness to manifest, we are able to bring about healing.
Many experiments have been undertaken using plants as a subject of energy response or interconnectedness. Does talking to plants help them to grow? Well apparently it does, depending upon what kind of conversation we have with them. If we project love and the desire for them to grow nicely, they will generally respond favourably. Feelings of hate and wishing to do them harm, needless to say, will have the opposite effect.
So what relevance does this all have for us?
We quite literally ARE what we think. Physically, spiritually and very much manifesting materially.

Every thought we have is an energy wave that is carried out into the Universe which then goes on and lasts into infinity. Interconnectedness again 
If our thoughts can affect plants, imagine what power they have over our own physical body, our brain and also of those around us?

Words Can Do So Much
If thoughts create energy, then the words we choose to use are the force that helps our reality to manifest.
Have you ever noticed that individuals who constantly use expletives and express themselves in an unusually harsh way, very rarely seem to be truly happy people? I am sure you will all know of at least one person who falls into that category.
Think of people in the public eye as well. Those who seem aggressive and angry, using extreme ways of expressing themselves, very rarely come across as spectacular examples of how to get life right and be happy forever.
Thoughts + words = reality…ours.
I see so many examples of potential greatness stifled by the use of limiting thoughts and words.

Is It Possible To Follow Our Dreams? Yes, it most definitely is very possible, and this is exactly what we should all be doing!
Do you have a dream of what you should be doing in life? In your quiet moments do you see yourself living a radically different life to the one you currently lead?
In my case I am following my dream right now. Although, it hasn’t always been this way!
My higher self had a bit of a scream at me for quite a few years, clear signs about what I should be doing with my life were presented to me, in increasingly simplistic and obvious ways, which I ignore I am sure the Universe must have thought I was either incredibly lazy or unbelievably stupid. Then eventually I decided I had better get out there and talk to people, spread some love into this World. Much to the relief of my higher self, I am sure!
If we are becoming more aware of Energy or indeed it could be said, more spiritually aware, if our life is a little way off centre from our true potential, then it generally happens that there will be clear signs that what we are doing is not for us. This can sometimes even make it more or less impossible to continue upon our current pathway and absolutely force us to take a different direction.
It is possible to follow your dream. All I would say as a word of advice is to be sure you want it and that the dream is YOUR original thought about how you feel your reality should be.
It is so easy to be influenced by the thoughts and wishes of those around us.
I digressed, so anyway, back to words.
What we need to realise is that words have a great power of attraction.
Thoughts…then words.
And words spoken with great emotion have the very strongest power. What we say is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, shining out like a beacon to those who are aware of the way Energetic reality works.
Highly judgemental or critical people are at some level unhappy with themselves, where they are in life and they project that onto others.
Angry, aggressive people are projecting outwardly their frustration with their self-imposed feelings of limitation.
The professional cynic is not really feeling a lot of self love.
At the other end of the scale, the truly centred, happy person, makes others feel better just for being in their presence. They send out warm pleasant energy into the Universe and the law of attraction mean that is what they get back in return.
If you take a look at the people you know and what their general conversation contains, you can get a surprisingly good idea of where they are psychologically, how they feel about their life and themselves.
What do they talk about and how do they look at others? It is more than possible by reading between the lines of how they express themselves to understand far more about them and maybe develop a little more compassion as a consequence.
When someone says something harsh or unpleasant to us, what in fact they are doing is reflecting their own feelings about themselves onto us. It could be us, it could be the next person to cross their path and it is quite literally not personal.
If someone close to us is unkind and unpleasant, it is simply because we are conveniently close at hand and is still a reflection of how they feel about themselves and truly not about us.
If we ourselves are in the habit of putting down others or behaving in a way that is detrimental, then we need to take a good look at why. Where does that reaction come from and what makes us behave in that way?

Author's Bio: 

Over three decades ago, working as he then did within the corporate world of publishing, Dean Fraser experienced what can only be described as an epiphany about where his career needed to go next. A radical lifestyle change became essential!
Has this journey been easy? If it had been Dean wouldn’t have learned anything of any value. Yet every challenge, every curve-ball which blocked his path, only served to make him more self-disciplined and determined to find a way. And it was there every time.
His passion is helping people unlock their own potential to live a life of their choice. He initially went out on the road offering free-to-hear talks to anyone who wanted to listen. A few decades later Dean is constantly in demand as a charismatic public speaker at his own events and wellness seminars.
He reaches around ten million people every year through his columns for magazines, his own radio show, at live events and readership of his books.