There are many benefits companies can offer through their business, but the winner is insurance. According to a survey by Glassdoor, employees said insurance is the most significant benefit they receive from their employer. That’s why businesses should focus on health insurance as their first company benefit. Offering a competitive benefits package helps to attract top talent, offers current employees a better life quality, and develops mutually beneficial relationships. Also, you shouldn’t forget that happy employees perform their jobs 12% better, while dissatisfied ones perform 10% worse.

Undoubtedly, the insurance process is time-consuming and complicated. In order to streamline that paper-based process employers can use a wide range of software solutions to improve their workflow. With greatly developed insurance software systems, you can automate or eliminate unnecessary steps within the insurance process. We, at DDI Development, have developed an ERP system that optimizes different insurance operations and streamlines workflow. Read our article to reveal more details.

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