The kitchen is the only place in the house that unites any family. Here we eat, cook, get together
on holidays, and spend most of our time. And for these reasons, the kitchen set suffers more
often than any other furniture in the apartment. The wood grows dull over the years, the
fasteners break, the doors creak annoyingly, and the handles fall off. We offer renovation and
restoration of kitchen furniture as an effective solution and reasonable economy. With Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Companies, you will pay less but get more - a revitalized kitchen that's more
attractive and stylish.
Renovate kitchen
Refinishing a kitchen is an affordable way to bring back the beauty of your beloved headset and
complement it with stylish fittings. If you want to change the design radically, right down to the color, we can do it. Our catalog contains a varied palette of colors and shades, among which you can choose your own.
Price for work
Depends on the amount of work to be performed by our specialists. With each client, the details of the application and services for the restoration of the kitchen are discussed individually and immediately on the spot. Just one mouse movement separates you from the renovated kitchen. Give us a call and we will bring your home back to its charm quickly and at an affordable price.
Stages of repairing a kitchen unit
The repair of built-in kitchen furniture also includes painting the elements of the headset, replacing pedestals, countertops, replacing accessories, installing equipment, and other
work. What result does this service guarantee:
● A renewed kitchen where you want to cook again and spend more time.
● Increase in service life. We give a guarantee for the work performed.
● Eliminate annoying squeaks, replace broken handles and strengthen loose shelves.
Installation of equipment and saving your time. You bought a dishwasher, but you have no idea how to install it. We will solve this problem, and at the same time, we will correctly place the washing machine and microwave oven, so that you have more free space.
Where to order?
You can order inexpensively at the top of this page, right below the service description. For 10 years, our company has expanded the range of its capabilities from replacing facades to installing built-in household appliances. Our services are universal, you can completely entrust your kitchen to the company's masters. You are in good hands.
Our services
● Cabinet refinishing: kitchen, bathrooms, wet bars, etc.
● Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
● Garage door refinishing
● Front door/interior door refinishing
● Stairs and Stair railings, stain or paint
● Furniture restoration … and more!
We will create a universal kitchen that every housewife dreams of. At the same time, you will save your time, without hitting the family budget, because we have economical prices for the restoration of kitchen furniture. We do not confront our clients with a fact, but we draw up a cost estimate, approve it with the customer, and only after signing the contract do we start work.
To order a kitchen renovation, you just need to call and tell the consultant a convenient time for you to evaluate. If you have a minor breakdown, the foreman will come right away with the tool, fix it, and even take away the trash after him.
Hello, My name is Anthoni at New Generation Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing I have worked diligently for years to acquire the experience and skills needed to provide clients the opportunity to bring their vision to life at an affordable price. Along with my crew, I want to keep changing the center of a home with my skills and passion for the job and we look forward to the opportunity to
serve you.

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