With the advent of Web 2.0 web design and development have progressed further to deliver solutions to complex problems in the most efficient way possible. There are hundreds and thousands of open source as well as paid tools that are assisting designers and developers to create websites, apps, and the backend of the small, medium, and large applications and the evolution has clearly happened with new technologies.

Faster Websites with AMP

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new technology where the loading of a webpage occurs in the blink of an eye. This exponential increase of a web page fetches an impressive ROI due to the unparalleled browsing experience. According to a report of 2018, around 30 million websites in the world was already using AMP by then.

The Web App Experience with PWAs

Different websites can now be optimized to act like apps. That is, they provide an app-like experience in the browser. Websites built with this technology are keeping mobile users hooked leading to a decreased website bounce rate while increasing conversions. Only the renowned companies that provide web development services in Melbourne can develop beautiful and secure web apps for their clients.

Automation with AI Chatbots

With the help of this technology, it is now easier to automate chat applications in terms of text as well as voice. The chatbots rely on data analysis for an appropriate response tailored to meet the client’s needs. Developers need to feed data to these bots so that the response can be accurate. This technology saves the cost of hiring web-chat personnel while providing seamless customer care experience. 

Querying with Voice

Earlier, querying with voice was only possible on a few search engines. But now, this technology is being integrated into web apps and native apps day by day for not only getting solutions to the query but also to issue commands for completion of tasks or even to browse a website or an app. This technology uses NLP i.e. Natural Language Processing for recognising a voice. Clients seeking website design in Melbourne are also querying if voice search can be integrated into their website.


With the advent of Web 2.0, animations and their applications in websites and apps are completely overhauled. New and complex animations are now possible with a variety of tools and technologies most of which are open source. At present, many designers or developers are also writing their own scripts to develop particular types of animations as required by their clients.

Speed and Design Standards

Be it a web app or a native app, the speed of operation is important. This requires optimizing the codes as well as adhering to the design standards as laid out by several tech giants for device compatibility reasons. Earlier every designer or developer followed her individual way which led to inconsistencies in using the apps in many times. But with these standards, those issues are solved. 

To conclude, it needs to be said that most companies providing web development services in Melbourne are using these technologies and are customizing them every day to meet their clients’ needs faster. 

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The author owns a company that provides website design and web development services in Melbourneand publishes open-source tools on the internet.