Description - When patients and their physicians speak about pain control methods, one area is frequently ignored: weight management. It seems that obesity and pain coexist with each other. When patients and their physicians speak about pain control methods, one area is frequently ignored: weight management. It seems that obesity and pain coexist with each other. Research seems to suggest that there is a strong correlation between carrying extra pounds and how much we hurt, and even moderate weight loss can help turn things around. However, focusing on a weight control plan probably won't provide immediate relief. Many health problems are exacerbated by excessive fat, and the stress of extra weight on the joints, especially on the knees and feet, can lead to painful conditions.Research suggests that losing only one pound will alleviate four pounds of knee pressure and that for patients witharthritis, the more weight they shed, the better their pain relief and everyday operations perform.Excess weight appears to increase levels of inflammation in sensitive parts of the body, mainly in the abdominal region.Studies have shown that pain is more prominent, as a person's BMI (Body Mass Index) grows. A central aspect of a patient's pain control strategy tends to be weight loss.
How Weight Loss Can Assist with Pain Control
A diet and workout can help to lose weight. Eating a healthy diet and regular activities work best in combination; however, not everybody can exercise. Surgical weight loss can assist, as well. Although it may take time to lose weight,sticking to a daily schedule can help you see the outcomes you want.Shedding pounds saves the muscles, knees, back, and other joints from stress. Studies have shown that weight loss has helped:
• Reduce the headache level for patients with obese chronic pain.
• Reduce back pain for patients with chronic pain.
• Improvement of osteoarthritis symptoms.
• Living longer and improving the capacity to work.
• Improving pain relief from musculoskeletal pain.
Your problem may be improved with weight loss, but one of the factors that make weight loss challenge could be the pain. The reality is that when you live with pain, losing weight becomes hard.But not impossible. It could just take a little more time, extra preparation, and extra patience.Follow these basic guidelines for cutting back on calories to maintain your weight:
• Keep track of the amount you're eating. Keeping a food journal holds you accountable and provides you with useful input on your eating problems.
• Make minor changes. Slowly change your diet to ensure you're able to stick with it. It is possible that suddenly decreasing the amount and type of food you consume would backfire, causing you to resort to overeating.
• Keep highly caloric food out of reach. Snacks contain a lot of calories but do not fill you up. Eat apples or bananas that have very few calories and are filling.
• Use mindful methods.Keep in mind when, where, and how much you eat and when you start feeling full. One of the tips is to take 20 minutes to complete a meal because your brain needs this much time to signal your mind that you're full.Concentrate on your meal while eating, rather than reading or watching TV.
• Seek guidance from your doctor. Speak to your doctor or physical therapist about other ways to incorporate physical exercise without aggravating the pain in the joint.
As for physical activity, you'll find that for people with hip or knee pain, certain types of exercise are more challenging. However seventy-five percent of weight loss targets are based on good eating patterns, and just twenty-five percent is based on training, so there is no reason to get too caught up on what you can't do in the gym.Swimming and water aerobics involve movements that are gentle on the joints. You'll find the inspiration you need to keep going as you advance and as the weight comes off.

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