This is not advocating for any particular religion, just as the fact that Buddhism brings one closer to Nirvana is not advocating for you to go out and become a monk. Instead, consider this as a fascinated look into the ways that new religions and spiritual thought processes have created a whole new niche where healers, psychics, mediums and tarot readers have all begun to develop.

Consider Tarot: Many Wiccans utilise Tarot as a form of divination, just as they utilise scrying with a pendulum or with a bowl of water. Prior to the resurgence of nature-based religions, many of these forms of divination had been all but lost, or had become the methods of shamans and individual psychics across the world. Thanks to the focus on what has come before, this movement to bring forth older thoughts and methods, now anyone has the ability to begin to focus and utilise their psychic energy in ways they never knew they could.

Another focus of Wicca and several other major religions is the focus on ritual and prayer. Whether one attends church, attends synagogue, mosque, or doesn't attend a building at all, but rather communes with the spiritual on a personal, private level, ritual and prayer are always a part of that. It is becoming aware of that method and ritual that one follows subconsciously, though, that makes it possible for one to begin to understand their strength psychically.

Much like meditation, prayer is the opportunity to tune out all that is around one, and anyone can do this. The great lesson that one can take away from the Neo-pagan movement, and especially Wicca, is that it matters very little exactly what one does to focus their true psychic potential, but that one spend the time to hone a discipline, focus, and have the passion and drive to learn about themselves. Whether one chooses the martial arts, or a great disciplined life of self-deprivation or meditation, all of these methods can bring forth more power from one's psychic energy as you unlock that potential.

Wicca is a neo-pagan religion whose roots in Celtic animist religion from ancient times has made this movement very popular and also very enlightening to those who wish to follow the discipline. Wicca focuses on a shamanistic approach to the divine, that by following ritual magic and ceremony, as well as dedication and prayer to gods or goddesses that identify with the individual, one can become a practitioner of exceptional skill. The end result of this practice is high magic, a term used by many neo-pagan religions to represent the ability to cause action or instigate change without the need of spells or ritual. For those in the psychic world, though, this form of high magic can be correlated with an opening to the inner soul, the discipline that has brought one closer to unlocking their true psychic potential.

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