Do you think you're a work junkie, or always worried about the situations in your office even when you’re not there? This may be an indication that your work life balance is out of order and you are over-stressed whether you recognize it or not.

Stress is an Enemy to Your Peace of Mind

Stress from work issues in particular can have a way of consuming your thinking and affecting the value of time spent with friends and family. Your work may have become more important than anything else to the point that you're obsessively answering work emails and voicemails during your waking hours, even while you are sick or on vacation. Does this describe you?

It has been proven that living with ongoing stress is poisonous to physical health and psychological well-being. It's a sneaky poison as you may actually think this level of stress is okay and view it as perfectly normal. Nevertheless, unless you really enjoy this kind of pressure it is prone to express itself eventually in some type of sickness or mental depression.

Make Use of Universal Laws to Modify Your Work Life Balance

A balanced way of thinking is a happier one. A good work life balance requires the ability to give attention to other things in addition to work that of significance, like your personal environment and well being. A nicely balanced life is an equal mixture of psychological, physical and spiritual attributes. This consists of gainful employment, enjoyable relationships, time for reflection, physical exercise and most certainly - plenty of fun!

For the workaholic, the mix is mostly in short supply of any element outside of their job. To fix this requires mental effort in making use of certain universal laws - specifically the law of action and reaction.

Personal Thoughts and Actions – The Basis of Day to Day Reality

The law of action and reaction states the energy you include in your actions will result in a similar reaction. In other words, stressed and anxious energy will attract events to you that encourage further anxiety. In turn, calm and confident energy will draw situations more favorable to balance and the ability to enjoy life more fully.

Learn How to Live a More Balanced Life

Like any change of habit, this is not easy and changes won’t happen overnight, but with awareness and determination they may happen quickly. You can start straight away by listening to your thoughts and the type of energy they're projecting. Over time, this alone can let you break free from obsessing about your job and help you to create a better work life balance.

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