For years I have had a recurring fantasy; winning hundreds of millions of dollars in the lottery. How would my life change? What could I do where money would not be a concern? Where would I travel that I have yet to visit? What toys would I buy? And on and on.

A few days ago I had a shift in my thinking. As I drove by a billboard on the side of the freeway indicating what the jackpot is this week, it occurred to me that many people who win the lottery actually end up with numerous problems that didn't exist prior to winning.

Here are a few examples. One winner, who won twice, ended up living in a trailer after she squandered her $5 million in winnings. Another winner was sued by a former girlfriend for a portion of his prize money. His brother hired a hit man in hopes of inheriting some of the winnings. There are countless stories like these with equally shocking outcomes.

It is a commonly held belief that many of our problems will be solved with enough money. Granted, having money is a whole lot better than not, but if we don't know how to handle it, having a great deal of money actually becomes more of a problem than not having it.

If someone does not have the have the consciousness for the increased wealth, in short order they will subconsciously find ways to sabotage their newfound wealth.

Not only does this happen with winning the lottery, it is not uncommon with those who inherit a lump sum of money. It doesn't matter where the money comes from. What matters is our relationship to the energy of money.

As we change our relationship to money we are in a stronger position to generate more of it. Not only do we attract more money, we also attract other forms of abundance including experiences and feelings of wealth.

Years ago, I knew what it was like to live with poverty thinking. So much in fact, I ended up without a roof over my head or a place to call home. For years I struggled in search of the answer to success and abundance.

It evaded me until it became too painful to keep living the way I was. I immersed myself into books, tapes, seminars, and anything I could get my hands on to help my shift my consciousness. As my consciousness increased, so did my abundance. So much in fact, who I am today is light years away from who I was.

One thing that changed in my consciousness was to realize that having more would allow me to do greater good for others. A major shift occurs when we realize the good our abundance can do for so many.

So how would life change if I won the lottery? Who knows, but I'm willing to find out. Even if I came into a boatload of money, I spent it and ended up where I currently am, that would be a grand place to be. So win or not, I'm okay either way. Now that's what I call having the winning ticket.

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