I have to say that I must be honest and upfront about how I came to yoga. And what I mean by this is that at first I was not very enthusiastic. My first impression with yoga was that I just thought it was for girls and that unless I was going to do ballet or dance, why would a "man" do yoga? I was devoted to my gym habits and working out. I loved the idea of getting big and buff and adding mass to my body.

But as I got older and going to the gym became monotonous, I started to look for something else. At first I was mainly getting into more sports but something in me was yearning for something more. What exactly that was I wasn't sure of yet. One day I was walking down the street and I passed by a yoga class. I saw the teacher leading the class and everyone looked so peaceful. More importantly (for me at least) I saw this well built man in the class and I thought to myself "Well, he must also workout a lot" Boy was I wrong. I took the time to get to know this gentlemen and he began to show me how yoga can completely keep your body in top physical shape. At first I did not believe him but I continued on with my workouts and then I got injured one day.

Ok, so my body is telling me something but what. Then I was sitting at my gym and I saw this other well built "man" come out and he professed his love for yoga. My mind still had a hard time believing that yoga could actually have this kind of impact. But this was now the second person telling me this so there must be something to this.

Well, I finally decided to take a yoga class and holy cow did I realize how hard this was. Yoga is not as easy as many of us (ok, at least me!) thought. Holding those poses for so long is quite hard I must say. Well not only did this improve my health physically, but mentally as well. As years went on my whole outlook on life completely changed as did how I perceived my body and what I do with it. Ever since, I have been devoted to my yoga practice and eventually launched a site on how to become a yoga teacher. I now support many aspiring students on their path of building a successful yoga career and absolutely love it. Not only did it change my life from a health perspective, but from a business one as well.

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As the director of Yoga Teacher Training, Sergio Diazgranados looks forward to supporting students along their path of teaching yoga. Whether it be taking the right program or marketing their business within the yoga industry.