Many companies all over the world are planning to implement the best ERP solutions. Most of these companies make complete analyses in order to find out what it is the best and the most suitable software application available on the market now. Making decent analyses trying to find the best solution and to get the best application is a very wise approach of ERP solutions. So you can have a look on some of the best techniques that can help you to choose the best ERP software for your business.

Understanding the business environment is very important when it comes about choosing an ERP solution. If you are determined to implement an ERP system in your business environment it is very important to make a market analyses on vendors. During this process you will succeed to know what the best vendors on the actual market are. This analysis can also help you to find more details about what the best applications for your business are. As long as you have not a clear and objective idea about the environment of your business it is impossible to choose the best ERP software for your company. Analysis can help you to know the most important details about your business environment. More on, this analysis will help you to set out if you really need ERP software in order to augment your business process.

Another advantage of this analysis is that allows you to make a short list with the best vendors so that you will know for sure that the selected vendors have great experience in implementing ERP solutions in companies that have the same business environment like you.

Another important step that can help you to choose the best ERP software for your company is to probe the vendors. You have to do this as much as it is possible because only in this way you can find out important details about the software characteristics and about the implementation resources in case that you are going to outsource the services of implementation to a third party. After you have finished the process with all the vendors on your list you have to analyze and compare the vendors with all the details you found out during your research. Anyway, a face to face discussion with the listed vendors is recommended. In this way you will be able to eliminate those vendors that seem not to be compatible with your requirements.

The most important step in this process consists in asking a test run or a proof of the concept. At this level of the selection process you should ask the vendor to run the chosen application into your live business environment using the real data. The tests should last at least two weeks in order to see if the software is what your business process needs. If the selected application has the ability to resolve at least 9% of your company problems you can be sure that the application is suitable to your business environment. The vendor will adapt and customize the software so that to fit perfectly with your business and its requirements.

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