The act of working out is a good thing, as it allows us to refresh our minds, focus, decompress, and gain a new perspective on what is happening to us and around us. Of course, working out has its physical benefits too, first and foremost, so we are essentially killing two birds with one stone when we work out. We can lose weight as well as build muscle, and we can also relax and concentrate on something that is entirely doable and achievable.

But if you feel yourself lagging when it comes to your fitness routine, and you tend to postpone your workouts more and more, you may have reached a workout 'plateau'. Many people can experience this at some point, but it doesn't mean that it should take over and prevent you from achieving all you can achieve with your fitness goals. If you feel lazy or unmotivated with your workout routine, here's how you can easily encourage yourself to keep up.

Try out a new thing

If you feel tired and lazy before you work out, it probably means that you are a bit bored with your routine. This may well be the ideal opportunity to try something new. Going to the same gym or the same class week after week can become boring, and doing the same things on the same equipment can wear you out. But as mentioned, why not try out a new thing? If you usually go to a weightlifting class, why not try a CrossFit class instead? If you have been working out on your own for some time without achieving any obvious results, it may be a good time to try a personal trainer. Personal trainers can help you with your routine, for sure, but they can also come up with new techniques and challenges which can spur you on and encourage you, thus helping you achieve the results you desire as well.

Update – and upgrade – your gear

You can also try updating – and upgrading – your gear in a big way. For example, it may be the best time to throw out those old workout pants with loose hems, t-shirts filled with holes, or shoes that hurt your feet. Running shoes, in particular, can show a lot of wear and tear after only a few months. Even if you don't see any obvious signs of wear and tear on your running shoes, such as a worn-out sole, if you feel pain when you use your shoes where there was previously no pain, the cushion may already be worn out.

It may seem quite like an unnecessary expense to update and upgrade your gear and workout clothes, but if you look good when you work out, this has some tremendous psychological advantages as well. If you like the way you look when you work out, you can feel better, and this can also encourage and motivate you to do better. Rather than looking (and feeling) sad and worn out and therefore self-conscious in your old, sweaty, hole-filled shirt, you can look great and feel great at the same time. The little things matter, after all, and it pays to invest not only in your clothes but also in your long-term fitness objectives.

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