Being a small movers business can be daunting. There are so many moving conglomerates present in the market that are completely knocking it out of the park in terms of marketing and services.

However, that does not mean that a small business cannot do better.

Though, with all the marketing tactics thrown in the face of the customers, it might be difficult for smaller moving companies to stand out and make a name for themselves.

This is why the EVOM web application can be of such great help in these terms.

All you need to do is registers, pay a monthly fee, and you will immediately get allocated to your target customers.

Here are some ways the EVOM platform can help you in building your leads so you do not have to lose sleep over losing customers to bigger moving companies:

More leads

A lot of customers prefer to go to the exact source of where moving companies are. This is why we suggest moving your business to EVOM because a lot of customers would move to this app because they know they can find a straightforward solution to their requirements.

This makes EVOM absolutely ideal if you are looking to grow your company.

In fact, you can list down your company website and the leads would go directly there. This is far better than investing in SEO, and other marketing tactics, and seeing little to no return on investment

Save Costs

With EVOM connecting you directly to your target customers, you can forgo the need to hire other people for tasks like SEO, marketing, social media, community management, etc.

You can cut even the menial costs like that of paper and other equipment that would come with hiring other employees.

This way you can put a lot more budget into the EVOM web app and amplify your services even more as you start growing.

On the spot estimates

With EVOM you will not have to visit the customer to give an estimate.

The web application will ask the customer to fill out all the details, post up pictures of their belongings, the weight, etc. so that the company can give their own estimates.

This allows for a lot of time and energy saved when it comes to the company sending an employee to have a look at everything else.

It would be the customers’ responsibility as well to make sure that all the things are weighed and reported accurately.

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