You must have always wondered how to increase the number of page views so your customers can buy your products with more value and help to build your brand. Here we list three ways of advertising platforms through which you can achieve results based on the performance of your business. And if you won't be impressed with these you always have the option of having guaranteed sales on your online business.

Products sponsored by Amazon:

Advertising on this eCommerce platform where your products are sold will help your product gain more visibility because it is always visible in the most frequent searches, which are necessary for branding and selling. The advantage of this search-based marketing opportunity is that you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad and reaches more people.

Here are some guidelines you can refer to learn how it works:
1.Analyze and use the keywords your customers can use to search for your products on
2.Create the ads that will be shown alongside the search result on the Amazon eCommerce platform
3.List the product details and match the advertising offer.

Integrate Instagram:

The number of Instagram users increases daily by 5%, with direct consumables providing a great opportunity to reach the target audience. Local brands reported a steady increase in the average order value of Instagram, which is an advertising platform with an active user base and eventually can help you with building your brand.

You can learn more about social media marketing, which will enrich good hashtags, filters, and publications for your products. This will help you create the right audience following your product.

However, throughout the advertising process, the key to mastering Instagram marketing is engaging with your users.

You can try to interact with your customers through the comments section and invite them to follow your brand by asking them to click on their photos using your product. These user-generated photos are a great way to generate social proof. Potential customers see that your products are regularly purchased, just like them, and feel more comfortable doing something that others do. Therefore, it's important to continue to grow your Instagram followers and engage more with your customers.

Facebook ads in stores

When you identify the customers you want to target on Facebook, it's also important to launch your store as a profile or visible page on Facebook. You can then try to advertise in three main formats -
● Boosted page messages
● Text and image Link Click Ads
● Video ads

All these types of formats have their own strengths. We hope this article will help you understand which format works best to showcase your product and generate interest. Remember that online advertising is not an easy and normative procedure.

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