Affirmations are effective tools that anyone can utilize so as to have a life they dream of having.

What are affirmations?

Simply put affirmations are positive statements that you say aloud and regularly. The objective is to re-program your subconscious mind so as to be able to remove negative thoughts which keep you from reaching your dreams.

Essentially they operate by overwriting with positive thoughts the negative ones that we keep stored in our subconscious mind.

What are the Benefits of Affirmations?

Each of us has mental recordings that replay in our minds over and over again. Many of them can be traced back to when we were children and they have been responsible for the action we have taken throughout our lives. Sadly, most of these old recordings are actually feeding our minds with nothing but negativity.

While these negative recordings do not always result from the direct statements of others, they are rather more general and we grow to believe them as applicable to our situation and with regards to ourselves.

For instance, if your parents used to often warn you about strangers you will probably have developed the mind-set that the world is a dangerous place. Those who come from financially secure families may exhibit limited beliefs when it comes to their own finances which actually hinder them in either attaining wealth or keeping it when they have it.

But there is good news! You can actually override these destructive messages by using the power of positive affirmations! They will reinforce the good behaviors while at the same time changing those that need to be changed. But to be able to make the changes you have to have affirmations that you identify with because that is how they are able to aid you in improvement.

What should you remember about creating effective affirmations?

1. Affirmations must be in the present tense. Our subconscious minds do not possess the ability to accept a promise of future behavior. "I will eat healthy food" will not allow your subconscious to identify a timeline or deadline for you to honor this promise to yourself.

Your affirmation must be said as though this is something you are already exhibiting, for example: "I always choose healthy food". This is in the present tense and your subconscious is then able to accept it as fact.

2. In order for affirmations to be effective they must be in the first person. So you can't say: "You must eat healthily". Instead your affirmation must be begun with "I" otherwise it simply won't matter to your subconscious.

"I will choose to eat healthy food" is an example of a personal, first person statement that your subconscious can apply to your own behavior.

3. Lastly, an affirmation must be said positively. "I must cease to eat junk food" doesn't send your subconscious mind a clear message and therefore it can just as easily be interpreted as: "I eat junk food". Rather than leading you in the direction of your goal it will do the opposite.

Rather, "I choose fresh, healthy snacks whenever I am hungry" is a better affirmation because it is positive in nature and lets your mind know precisely what behavior is desired.

How do you Use Affirmations?

To start with choose affirmations that are short and clear and pertain to those things that you want to see transpire in your life.

Here are some examples you could try out:

- I enjoy exercising daily.

- I enjoy nutritious and fresh foods in healthy portions.

- When I no longer desire to smoke I am able to breathe clean and fresh air.

- I have what I need in order to be both content and happy today.

Another method is to write you affirmations down and keep them with you where you can get to them with ease. When you have a few moments to spare you can take them out and read them aloud to yourself.

Make sure that when you say your affirmations you do so in a firm and pleasant voice, smile while you say them. This will help you to be more aware of positive vibrations that are part and parcel of the affirmation and so therefore enable them to have easier access to your subconscious.

When you use positive affirmations each and every day you are able to enjoy the benefits that come as a result such as boosting the positives in your life. Begin using these wonderful tools right now and you will be bringing about the changes you want as well.

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