Regardless of age, sex and race, being fit is very important. Those who are in good shape will always perform better than those who aren't. Staying fit, though, is never easy. Many factors affect the health of a person - the food we eat, our environment, our work, and exercise.

One of the best ways to stay in a good shape is regular exercise accompanied with a proper meal. If you want to achieve a fit body, then exercising with the use of equipment is very important. Below are some of the most effective exercising equipment.


The treadmill is given by people the title as "the king of all gym machines". When this equipment first came out, it was made for walking. Modern treadmills are not just designed as a walking machine, it also now includes arm tools, incline adjustments and more options to help you trim down and stay in a good shape.

Digital treadmills are also available on gyms today. What's great about digital treadmills is that, you are able to monitor your exercise. You get to know the time you have been working out, the equivalent distance that you have covered, the estimated calories you have burned, the speed and many other helpful facts.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine, also called as indoor rower, is a machine that is used to imitate the action of rowing a watercraft, its purpose could either be as a means of exercise or training for rowing. The focus of these machines is the cardiovascular system. Steady pieces of 20 up to 45 min is a typical workout.

Indoor rowing is acknowledged to be a powerful calorie-burning exercise, which makes it great for obese and overweight individuals. Your back muscles, legs, arms, and core are developed in a short period of time.

The usual position when exercising on a rowing machine is for you to sit on the machine, make sure that you are sitting in an erect position and try to keep the muscles in your abdomen tight. Keep a good posture during the entire workout session. A good workout can be 3 - 4 times weely and 20 - 45 minutes each. Stretch before and after your exercise. Doing so will result in dramatic changes.

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