The difficulties of married couples is usually fixed well if the main reason is analyzed and understood. To lessen arguments, know the 4 typical problems married people undertake in their marriage.

Couples need arguments once in a while for a healthy relationship. When you argue with your partner, you’re being comfortable with your own self and you’re not scared of showing your true colors. However, fighting over and over again is detrimental to marriage. When every simple move causes troubles or when a trivial issue is often taken as a huge mistake, you’re perhaps living in chaos.

To resolve conflicts, dissect the problem and know its roots. Otherwise, you can be likened to a surgeon who enters the operating room without knowledge on the patient’s condition.

Personality-related clashes.

Because everyone is uniquely special, everyone is also different from each other. This is the reason why people have different choices and views in life. You’ll discover how different your partner is from you when you start to live under the same roof. As you live each day together, you’ll hate the way he disorganizes the living room after you tidy it up. You’ll hate how she renders overtime work when she should be cooking your dinner. However, personality differences won’t poke the relationship as long as you don’t lose respect for each other.

Financial Constraints

Addressing the basic needs is vital in everyone’s life. Having enough savings in the bank somehow gives you a sense of security especially when your child needs to visit the hospital, when it’s time pay school tuition and when you need to pay the bills. Making ends meet can be hard and stressful. This doubles up when you have little kids who turns to you for their basic needs. Thus, couples must spend their money wisely and must live practically.

Being unfaithful and jealous.

Staying loyal to your partner is the greatest challenge for married people. By doing so, you remain loyal to your partner as you promised on your big day. However, some still wander away because of their own reasons. This havoc causes mistrust and self-degradation. It can even cause divorce or annulment. So preserve the sacredness of your vows. Stay true to him/her through thick and thin.


Poor communication is the culprit of misunderstanding. You may have known each other for a long time but it doesn’t mean you can throw ridicule statements, assume your partner reads your mind all the time or ignore what the other routinely says. To maintain effective communication in the family, pay attention to what your partner says or doesn’t say. Share your musings, fantasies and nonsensical side. Your partner must know what’s within you for a better understanding.

A successful marriage doesn’t mean having less number of troubles. It can be evaluated based on how the couple manage their troubles, how they support each other and how they become better persons. Regrettably, some couples just escape without understanding the words of Doug Larson: More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.

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