In the case of user interface design iOS app has always set a benchmark. According to Apple iOS 10 is the best when compared to others.

There are many mobile app development company that can make a perfect app for your iPhone.In order to design a perfect app for iOS, you must consider few points given below-

1. You must confirm that the layout which you will be having in the iOS app is adaptive in nature. Usage of tools like the Sketch and Xcode must be used so that the screen size remains flexible and extra menu is displayed if required. In case of large phones view must be available in the landscape mode and instead of the tap bar, the left navigation appears.
2. The platform must be high-There has been a lot of advancement in the iOS in the years and so with the introduction of the 9th level, a feature known as the San Fransisco font is introduced along with 3D touch and multitasking.
3. Super ellipse.
4. Point values for pixels
5. The icon must be made good in order to attract viewers.
6. 3D touch which is known to be the keyboard shortcuts must be good.
7. Intuitive- Keeping app simple as well as intuitive is very essential.
8. It must be a minimum of 11 points so that it is visible by all type of viewers. Too large can make it look bad whereas too small can make people concentrate more and can make your app a disliked one.

It is a very serious job to design iOS apps. Hire iOS developers who can understand their job seriously and can make a perfect app as per your requirement

Tips for improving UI Design

In order to improve the UI Design incase of iPhone app development, certain tips can be followed which are given below-

The focus must be kept to balance the ratio between UI and Content

In order to engage any type of user for your developed app, the user must feel comfortable and use it easily and this can be done by making a perfect user interface.

In order to engage any user for your app then the only attractive design will not help at all. Some other variables are there which must be balanced in order to make your app a successful one and that is the balancing of content and design of the whole application.

If you make an inappropriate design for your app then the user will definitely stop using your app. Each screen must be aligned properly along with customized colour for the background.

Moreover, the font must be attractive and of the proper size, if you wish to attract the user for your app.

Be specific and sure when you are adding the option “Exit” in you iPhone app

In the case of the iOS app development, it must be kept in mind that when a page is left by any user and visit any other app then the exit of the app is not done. When a user is visiting any other app hen the app could minimize and run in the background.

So this is not good and in case of wallet app, this is also not secured at all. So, in this case, some fix second must be given for the session and after there is an automatic close of the app.

Custom iOS app development is not easy at all and so these few points must be kept in mind before you want to make your perfect app for iPhone.

Good design with perfect features

The human action which is not acceptable for things is the changing and modifying of the things. Users will always choose another feature if the previous feature is not eye-catching in the iPhone.

Moreover, if your app is not able to satisfy the user then it sounds negative also. The design of the user interface must be good enough to cut back all the unwanted error which is occurring generally.

Developers must be able to take guidelines of the iOS programming once the development of the iPhone app is started.

Convenience is very important

In case of any app whether iOS or Android, the design must be finger-friendly as the apps for mobile are used by fingers maximum time instead of a stylus.

The developer must make sure that there is enough gap between the two options. If the two options are placed very close to each other then the user will fail to choose the desired option and that can make them frustrated.

Stated design guidelines which are there for touch targets must be followed. So designing an app in a perfect way will require the people’s finger and their interaction with your app.

Picking correct colours

There are many app developers who love to focus on this factor that is choosing the colour for app design.  

The best option which the developer can do is to provide the colour of your current company which will look exactly like the extension of your business website.

The colour must be having good contrast and must be able to provide a good reading experience for the user.

Following the trend

Technology is improving day by day and there is no standing still of the design industry also. The design industry is always surprising people by releasing new designs which are based on technology.

Hire dedicated developers who will understand the innovative trend and will create a perfect design for your app that is matching the trend.


It is very easy to design a mobile app but the job to design a perfect and great mobile app is very difficult. Too many features in a single app make it look clumsy and can confuse people also.

So the main target must be to design an app with required features with perfection. All the tips can guide you in improving your UI Design in case of iOS app development.

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