“How you do anything is how you do everything.” I’m not sure who originated this quote, but think about it: How you do anything is how you do everything.

Now let’s substitute a couple of words, courtesy of my coach, Gregory Anne Cox: How you do food is how you do everything.

It’s so true! I mentioned last week about how the changes in my eating have rippled out into the rest of my life, and it really is the coolest thing. Since Greg has been helping me get organized in my eating, EVERYTHING has gotten easier. And, since I have been able to choose what changes I was willing and able to make, I have been able to stick to them – no problem. I feel great, everyone keeps telling me how good my skin looks, and my daily life, which generally trends toward chaos, is finding some semblance of order. Yeah!

Everything has been going along exactly as it should, and then, WHAM! I hit the first plateau. In past weight loss attempts, this is where I would get really pissed and self righteous (“I’m doing EVERYTHING right!”), then freaked out (“Why is this happening?”), then defeated (“This always happens. Nothing works.”).

Here is where having a coach in your corner is pure gold. Greg had suggested that I weigh and measure at the very beginning, so we’d have a baseline. I KNEW I was smaller now from the way my clothes fit, even if the scale wasn’t budging, so I measured again today. WOOHOO! I have lost more than seven inches! When I told Greg, I completely LOVED her response! She said, “Isn’t it cool when the tape measure shows us what the scale can only dream of?” That’s so true, and what a great way of putting it! She also took the time to point out how far I have come in such a short time, which is something I wouldn’t have thought to do for myself.

I have always had a black and white attitude about weight loss (and lots of other things!), with no gray area. I was either ON or OFF my diet, and it either WAS or WAS NOT working. This time is completely different, because there is no “diet.” It’s one big, gorgeous, gray area of lifestyle changes, metabolic healing, and fueling my body so it can jettison fat and reach its healthy weight. This is a whole new approach to food, and subsequently, everything.

Okay, so I’m three weeks into my new life, four pounds down, feeling fabulous. I have kicked several nasty little addictions, including diet soda, sugar and processed foods. I feel better, look better, and am healthier than I’ve been in quite a while. I know what to feed my body, and I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. I’m more organized and proactive in my work, and in my life in general.

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Gregory Anne Cox is a certified life coach, weight loss coach and lifestyle consultant for midlife women—and the men they love. Her myth busting, butt kicking information and coaching style means results for her clients—the look and feel better than ever at midlife. Stop over at http://MidlifeWithAVengeance.com
for more information. You can reach Gregory directly at Gregory@MidlifeWithAVengeance.com.