First, you should submit your articles to all the popular article directories. When webmasters and ezine publishers look for free content to reprint on their websites and in their newsletters, they turn to article directories.
In exchange for the free content, they agree to leave the article intact and include your resource box. This is where you get your traffic. Every time someone reprints one of your articles, your resource box is included with your name and a link to your site or an affiliate site.
You should start with 10 articles. That will get you started as an expert author at, the number one article directory on the Internet. alone gets about 40,000 visitors every day, so your articles are very likely to be picked up and reprinted by several publishers.
Here are the top places to submit your articles:
You can find more directories by searching on Google. But I highly recommend you start with the list above.
I personally use them myself.

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