Picture a scenario in which an audience blindly purchased a product or instantly subscribed to your services just a glance. Quite impossible, right? When it comes to spending, no one makes buying decisions without being rational.

The process is more complex with B2B online marketing, with stakeholder’s trust that you aim to win. This is where B2B marketing strategy can help improve your online branding’s authority. However, sometimes the problem is some B2B marketers do not have enough knowledge on how to approach content marketing in ways that it will increase its brand awareness and boost new leads and potential customers.

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In B2B marketing, one of the most effective ways to keep and increase brand awareness is thru content marketing. The Demand Gen Report says that there are 96% B2B buyers who still seek more content from the industry itself and 46% from the other pieces of content before the audience decide to engage in purchasing decision.

So where and how do you start?

An incredible product or service starts with brainstorming. Acknowledging the authority of a grand idea can help build a great content market strategy that can drive massive returning visitors and referral traffic. Some B2B companies aim at generating leads and improve brand awareness, while some take the initiative to improve their products overall branding.

How to brainstorm great ideas for B2B content marketing?
Don’t forget that a successful B2B online marketing strategy is based on the sound foundation of content relevance, credibility on all social media platforms, reliability and trustworthiness. These strategies can help attract and engage a new audience, get on top with competitors, drive more deals and more conversions.

Here are the key pointers to consider to help your brand improve its authority on B2B online marketing:

1. Align Your B2B Marketing goals

You must outline your B2B online marketing with your company’s mission and goals. These objectives require measurable and specifics to ensure that they are achievable.

2.Consider Your Buyer Persona

For online marketing, this basically means focusing on the specific audience in a business who makes a buying decision. When thinking about your buyer persona, consider these:
•Who is your target persona?

Target persona or customer persona is known as a representation of the key traits of a huge
a chunk of your audience based on the data collected from each web analytics and user research.

•Why are buyer personas important?
Customer personas or buyer personas can be a tremendous value and insight to your company, It can develop an in-depth understanding of customer needs and provide a solution. Customer personas can also guide the product’s progress through developing new features that can help achieve desired results.

2.Set Concrete Action Plan and Decide KPIs

Designing an action plan should be a blueprint for each of your B2B online marketing goals. This roadmap defines as a summary of the strategies or methods you will use to arrive at a positive achievement and objective.

The primary step is to identify your target buyers. To get an in-depth understanding of their buying decision, you must first understand their buying personas. Make sure to choose the right social platform for marketing when you target your audiences.
Decide on KPIs to monitor the performance of your action plan. Your list of KPIs or key performance indicators should be based on your defined action plan. When these are regularly and consistently monitored, it will help you get on the right track and understand your business more.

3.Establish a United Campaign

A marketing campaign is no longer a want but rather a necessity. Marketing should be great offline or online. However, you have to be critical in choosing the best social media platform for your B2B online marketing strategies.

Consider the following guidelines when choosing the best social platforms:

• Where do your customers usually go online? The preferred social platforms of your customers will help you expand and explore your campaign.
• List down the advantage and disadvantage of all the social media platforms. Find out how they will be perfect for your marketing campaign.
• Find out more ways of incorporating all your business social media profiles.
Maintain consistency in running your multiple channels while ensuring that the relevant contents and the visuals are defined in both online and offline channels.

4. Straighten your Marketing Sales Plans

There are circumstances where B2B plans fail in their sales goals. When this failure arises, your business may end up generating leads that may not be helpful to your sales team.
When creating a successful B2B online marketing strategy, ensure that your sales and marketing plans are aligned with the same goals and direction.

5. Manage Marketing Automation and CRM

B2B business knows that it is quite complex to manage both offline and online B2B marketing routines at the same time. A centralized system or CRM can be a great tool in managing the routine task efficiently. A CRM tool has been proven handy for marketing both offline and online sales.

Create a centralized CRM system that stores lead information, data and details of all sales. This method will help the team access customers’ purchase histories and other important information that can also be used for the improvement of marketing plans and tracking the journey of every customer.
Marketing automation software improves and simplifies the tedious task of every B2B online marketing campaign. Email campaigns and personalization of the website content can be done easily thru CRM’s ability to calculate ROI and track results.


B2B companies find ways to build trust and credibility online. It is important for every B2B companies to establish a brand authority that people can trust. These strategies can only improve in sales when investors, clients and even own employees trust and value your brand. It is obvious that you cannot treat B2B sales and branding authority separately. These two should come hand in hand. Your B2B sales are mostly dependent on your brand’s value. Time, money and effort are needed in identifying the right audience, win their trust and develop a long-term buyer-company relationship.

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