You are what you eat. This at first sight stupid saying has it all. Many nutritionists believe that most of our physical ailments are due to our diet. So what we eat determines the way we look and how our body evolves. If one stays with this thought for a moment, it quickly becomes clear that the diet also affects or can affect the development of men's breasts. If you suffer from male breasts, you should read this article carefully and check what points you find yourself.
Unhealthy food produces men's breasts

The phenomenon of male breasts is complex and there are many influencing factors. However, one big thing is our diet. If we eat unhealthy and one-sided, it can lead to the emergence of male breasts. So that does not happen to you, or so that you can bring about a change, we have listed below the worst foods that you should avoid in any case.
1st place: alcohol

Alcohol is part of life for many people in Europe. We like to drink a beer after work, a glass of wine, or schnapps and cocktails at the weekend. But alcohol is not only unhealthy, but contributes significantly to male breasts.

Alcohol contains a lot of sugar and calories, which promotes obesity. In addition, it affects the liver and reduces its ability to metabolize absorbed energy. Instead, it is stored in the form of fat in the body.

Many types of alcohol also contain estrogen, the female sex hormone. If you drink too much beer, for example, the hormone balance may get out of balance and men's breasts may appear.

2nd place: sugar
A good fermentation contains many plants in the form of vegetables and fruits
breakfast avocado sandwich with fried egg and tomato

Most people are aware of how unhealthy sugar is. What is unaware, however, is that almost all industrially manufactured foods contain sugar. Being sugar is very cheap, durable and constantly available. He gives a taste and there are hardly any people who do not like him. As a result, it is generously mixed with many foods. However, sugar contains a lot of calories and ensures that our blood sugar level shoots up. The result is an increase in body fat, which favors men's breasts.
3rd place: Saturated fats

Fats are wrongly demonized. There are many fats that are very healthy for us. Among them, for example, vegetable fats from olives, avocados and coconut. But most saturated fatty acids, such as those found in pork, can have a negative impact on our cardiovascular system.

Eating too many fried foods does not just make you fat, but it can be very unhealthy and can promote the development of male breasts.
Closing words

The world is not black and white and not all foods can be divided into healthy and unhealthy categories. Frequently, the dose makes the poison, which is why it is important to ensure a balanced diet. In principle, however, it can be said that food from a factory has little to offer the human organism. It is better to use naturally growing raw materials, which our ancestors ate thousands of years ago.


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Frederic Kärschner is a nutrition specialist and fitness instructor at FlexxFitness. He writes about health, food, fitness and weightloss.