Your focus plays a HUGE role in your ability to become a success or for that matter your lack thereof! You see our ability to achieve success is a matter of the quality of effort we are able or willing to put forth! This effort requires that we stay focused to not only be more productive but to also filter out the distractions we encounter! Once we allow ourselves to be distracted then begins a subtle process that leads to our own self destruction in terms of failing to meet our goals!

Here are 3 'seeds of destruction' that can occur from our failure to stay focused on any specified plan of action meant to reach a specific goal!

Obstacles Arise

Actually many obstacles were always there but now you're concentrating so much on them and not your ultimate objectives! By losing your ability to stay focused on the task at hand you now tend to become easily distracted making your efforts more difficult, accomplishments fewer and frustration greater! At this point things you may have formerly ignored or overlooked are now taking up more of your attention and time while your productivity decreases and self doubt begins to take hold!

Problems Get Magnified

The more preoccupied you become with the little problems the bigger they get! As you allow these problems to magnify, at least in your mind, your doubts do the same and you begin to lose confidence! You now find it getting even tougher to make any progress at all due to your lack of confidence whether in your own abilities or perhaps even the goals you have set! Your preoccupation with any problem be it real or imagined now keeps you from investing the necessary efforts you need to achieve success by reaching your goals!

Negativity Sets In

As the saying goes 'idle hands are the devils playground' and much the same can be said about a non-focused mind! As previously mentioned if you don't stay focused on what it is you need to do to reach your objectives you open the door to distractions. In many cases minor distractions can then become major obstacles that nurture the seeds of doubt within you resulting in a strong sense of negativity! This is not a mindset that will help you become a success at anything but rather one that fosters frustration and failure! You must learn to keep your eyes on the prize if the prize is to be yours!

Never underestimate the role your focus plays in your ability to become a success in almost any undertaking you may accept in your life! Most any worthwhile goals we set require a specified plan of action and if we don't stay focused on this plan we will severely hinder our own efforts! By not focusing we now open ourselves up to distractions that can completely undermine both our efforts and mindset as discussed above! These 'seeds of destruction' initiate a subtle process that make it virtually impossible to achieve success at just about anything since now our own thoughts are working against us! Remember to become a success when undertaking any worthwhile challenges involves a coordinated effort of both the body and mind! It is in this way that your ability to stay focused on what it is you're doing will tremendously increase your chances of reaching your goals!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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