I spend a great deal of time researching and connecting with others in the field of self-improvement. In this field there is a constant search to uncover what happiness and success looks like, and how to help others achieve it. Everyone at some point has heard something to the tune of success and happiness is an individual perspective. That everyone’s version of happiness and success are different. Well, I am not here to tell you that this is false, or to give you a different opinion. What I would like to share with you is my insights on how to begin to uncover what success and happiness looks like for you, and use this to set your life on track to your own success and happiness.

It Begins With Your Glasses

Your entire perspective on how life works is unique to you. We all wear a set of perspective glasses that have a unique prescription. If you could look through everyone else’s perspective glasses you would find that they are as different as the glasses you could buy in any store. Some are darker, colored, for near sight or far, bifocals, big and small. Depending on which glasses you wear, you will respond in your life differently. Change your perspective glasses, and change your world.

Changing Your Glasses

Changing how you see the world can be a difficult but not impossible task. Understand that you have been wearing a specific pair of glasses your entire life. Have you ever put on someone else’s glasses? It is very disorienting to walk around in them, and most people quickly remove them. It is no different when you change the perspective glasses you view the world through. You first need to be in a safe place to allow yourself time to adjust to wearing the new perspective glasses. You may only wear them for a short period of time at first until you have learned to orient to the new perspective. If you have ever had your prescription changed in your glasses, it’s no different. It takes a bit to get used to.

Begin To Change Slowly

Begin setting out each day with a small list of things you want to accomplish. Not tasks, but perspectives. It is shown that at the root of happiness is gratitude. Begin each day by being grateful for the things you have in your life right now. The people and opportunities that have come your way. Write them down each day. Remember it is ok to have to practice wearing the grateful glasses. This will begin to orient you to see other things you are happy about in your life. Another small change you can make is to begin to let others express their opinions to you. When they do allow their opinion to sink in. Don’t respond if you feel an urge to make your point. Try wearing their set of glasses for a moment. This will help you to build understanding and compassion for others perspectives and feelings.

Bring Your New Perspectives Home

The last and most important part of changing your perspective is self-reflection. A good way to accomplish this is through the use of a daily routine that helps you focus your mind on the past day’s events. This can be done through meditation, keeping a journal, and running, anything that will assist your mind in clearing the noise so you can focus. What you want to reflect on is how you responded during the day and was it aligned with what you set out to accomplish. Each day or week add in more things you would like to accomplish to increase your level of self-interaction.

The Benefits

The benefits of this work will be higher level of gratitude, self-confidence, understanding, and acceptance for things around you. You will find that there is less stress in your body because you won’t have to fight against things but feel a greater sense of connection and understanding. Your focus and energy levels will increase and you will begin to accomplish things you never thought possible. As always, be patient and compassionate with your transformation. All things take their own time, and rushing them will defeat the purpose.

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