Starting an internet home business with the fullest intentions of being successful? Well you'll soon discover if you haven't already your time and patience WILL be tested and lifestyle changes are likely as well! You see your success online will NOT come overnight and on many occasions and in many ways sacrifices will need to be made, by you! Relax, the sacrifices we're speaking about are relatively easy to make provided of course being successful with your business is a priority to you, is it?

Here's 5 ways you'll need to make sacrifices or ramp up your efforts to achieve those lofty income goals you've set for yourself!


Despite the crap you hear your success online is NOT a 'push button' or overnight event that requires only a few minutes a day! This is a business so be prepared to invest the time it takes to develop it into a profitable venture! Much like a normal job you'll need to work this business everyday and due to all the competition on the internet, it may take a while before you see any income!


As mentioned immediately above don't expect or buy into the claims that you can totally automate your efforts! Yes there is software that can automate routine tasks for you however the most important duties will require your time and patience along with good decision being made! This of course will also call for your efforts to stay current and continue learning what you need to know relevant to your particular business!


Even though most of what you do will be done at your keyboard, don't think it won't consume plenty of energy! You'll need to be sharp to identify problems and/or opportunities as well as continuing your education! Being successful on the internet can be challenging due to all the constant changes this environment offers and it will take plenty of energy to adapt and move forward with your business! In many ways these changes can be much like starting over since they may undo any previous efforts you invested! Addressing these things will require plenty of your time and patience as well as the energy to do so in an effective manner!

Social Life

Sure it's nice to be your own boss however this also means you can NOT simply just walk away expecting somebody else to 'cover' for you! Your success online will come as a result of you continually putting in the effort and addressing problems as they arise! In many cases certain 'situations' will occur that require your immediate attention and can take quite a bit of time to resolve! This can and will cut into your social life, especially in the beginning, but you need to be willing to make the sacrifice if of course being successful is your goal!

'Down' Time

Looking forward to regularly schedule time off is a thing of the past if you fully embrace the role of being a business owner! Things will arise with no regard to any personal schedule you may have made or plan on keeping! You will get time to simply relax however this is not something you'll always be able to count on at predetermined intervals! Your business is an entity that will go through changes and have needs you must address! Unfortunately in many cases these needs and changes can NOT be planned on in advance and must or should be addressed on the spot!

Having an internet home business will definitely test your time and patience, especially with all the temptations the home environment can offer! Make no mistake however being successful working on the web will require sacrifices to be made and your discipline to be in overdrive! In fact the 5 common areas in which your lifestyle will change, as discussed above, are not your biggest concern! The bottom line is if you expect to be a business success online the clearest indication will be the income and contentment you generate for yourself!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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