New beginnings should be full of excitement, yet somehow, most people find themselves quite disappointed with themselves in January. Realizing that once again they have failed to achieve last year’s fitness goals, and still carrying the Christmas weight, most people drag themselves to the nearest gym, promising themselves that this time it will be different. However, if you are really serious about turning into a better version of yourself, ditch your boring local gym, and join the most competitive workout regime in the world: the almighty CrossFit. Here’s how your life can improve if you take the plunge and join a CrossFit box:

1. You won’t be alone on your journey
If you’ve ever been to the gym without a friend, you probably know how lonely the journey can get. You sit there, sweating on the treadmill, fearing that you are being judged by all the fit people. However, while this may be very common in a conventional gym, things are completely different at CrossFit boxes. Here, you will be a part of a supportive community where people will be more than happy to give you advise to help you achieve your goals, to learn about your progress or to motivate you with their success stories. You won’t need to bring a friend with you, because you will be making friends in no time an all.

2. You will be trained by the best trainers in the world
How would you like to be trained by a martial arts champion or a former Olympic weightlifter? Many of the certified CrossFit trainers are professionals with years of athletic experience. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the trainers from Brick, the popular CrossFit gym near Grand Central Station. These are the types of people that you want to have your back when you feel that you can’t push yourself anymore. These people will turn you into a fitness beast, without compromising your health or your safety.

3. You will build functional strength
CrossFit can help you lose weight or build muscles. If these are your main goals, make sure your trainer knows them so that they can show you the best exercises for your goals. However, while achieving your individual fitness goals, you will also get stronger. Don’t worry, you don’t turn into a bodybuilder, but you will gain functional strength that will help you with your daily activities. No longer will you have to panic when the elevator is not working, nor will you ever again have to ask for help when trying to open a jar of pickles. But all jokes aside, most of the HIIT exercises included in CrossFit workouts have been proven to improve the heart health and improve the bone density. These workouts are also great for preventing many of the health problems associated with old age.

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