Ever stop to consider how your productivity influences other aspects of your life! Now we're not necessarily talking about being more productive at work to get that raise or promotion even though that's a definite plus! The focus of our conversation here today is about when you get more done how it can give you better control of your life and thus greater self satisfaction and happiness!

Here are 3 examples of the benefits you can expect when being more productive at either work or in your personal life as well!

More 'Free' Time

Just about everybody is on a 'lifelong' quest to increase the amount of free time they have at their disposal! Whenever you can get more done in the same amount of time you are gaining a little more control of your life! Simply stated you are now in more of a position to 'choose' what you want to do as opposed to feeling 'shackled' to a desk or even the responsibility of other duties NOT of your choosing! Do you work to live, or live to work? Depending upon how you schedule your day or invest your effort, this choice in most cases, is yours!

Higher Self Esteem

It is natural to feel a greater sense of self worth when you are able to get more done due to the feeling of accomplishment you experience! Once again the more productive you are, the more in control you feel, and this is a healthy feeling to have! Knowing you're capable of increasing your skills and/or efficiency in any area of your life is a very liberating sensation which makes you feel good about yourself! Having confidence likes this only serves to help make you even more productive simply because you are now more aware of your own capabilities!

Obvious 'Rewards'

Be it cash, notoriety, recognition or simply the feeling of being in more control of your life, productivity has its rewards! Typically increasing productivity earns you more respect and as mentioned above it frees you up to pursue other things of your choosing! So whatever may be most important to you, whether it's money, stature or just peace of mind can be yours by simply being more productive!

Being able to increase your productivity affects other aspects of your life other than simply your work! Being more productive helps to also tremendously boost your self esteem along with the feeling you now have better control of your life! When your able to get more done in an efficient manner you can expect to benefit both mentally and physically as our 3 examples above point out! It all boils down to simply being 'all you can be' to better maintain control of your life! No matter whether it is personal or professional, if you're going to invest the effort, always try to do your best and you shall be rewarded!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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