"Love Handles"???

hmmm, think about that for a sec.

In the infatuation stage of a relationship, everything is fabulous. They're so thoughtful, sweet and try so very hard to impress you. You become happier each new day than you were the one before. It's L-O-V-E love! Then........ a few years go by and you get "comfortable". And I'm talking, sweats all day, "did I brush my teeth today?", laying around "comfortable". Don't laugh. It's true, and you know it!

Just because you’re off the market doesn’t mean you’re done trying! Eating healthy and exercising do much more than just help you with a rockin’ bod, it will help you enjoy a long life together, without pesky health problems. Right? Aesthetics aside, we all want to live a long, healthy life!

Don't let this happen to you. But, if it already has; here are some solutions:


~ Keep your relationship fun and exciting – pick up a new (active) hobby together! Maybe you can both learn how to rock climb, take dance lessons, or prepare for a marathon together! Whatever it is, do something that is enjoyable and something you can do together! You will create another common interest thus keeping your relationship close and fun.


~ This one might be advice geared towards mostly the ladies, but I hope it helps the guys realize how they can help their lady love. When you go out to eat with your spouse, you don’t have to eat the same amount as them! My husband, for example, needs to eat almost double the amount of food that I do! There’s no reason for me to try and catch up with him when it comes to eating. Eat the amount of food you were meant to eat; no more, and no less!


~ Why exercise alone or separately when you can exercise together? I can only tell you how hard it is to get out of bed and wake up early in the morning to wake up and exercise…when your spouse is still cuddled up to the warm and cozy blankets snoozing away. It kinda sucks. Waking up is enough will power, but when you see what you could be doing, it can be hard to stay motivated at 5:30am (or whenever you have to wake up to go workout). Ask for your spouse to be a workout buddy – it will benefit both of you! Once again, creating common interests always keeps your relationship fresh.


~ Is your loved one continuously bringing you treats that just aren’t helping you reach your goals? Speak your mind and let them know your goals, and how they can help you reach your goals – even if that means not bringing you certain treats that you used to love getting. Explain that treats are not a healthy “reward” system. Express your need for encouragement, help, motivation, or any support that you feel that you need in order to be healthy. If your loved one expresses any of the above mentioned concerns to you, be receptive and help where you can. Also, try to keep healthy snacks available and maybe he will break his treat habit as well.

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