Your skin is your biggest organ. It protects your whole body but it also alerts you when there’s something wrong with your health. It is a reflection of your inner state and can tell you a lot about your current inner balance. Here is how you can take care of your health and make sure your skin is young-looking, glowing and healthy too.


Our skin has numerous different functions. However, the main and most important one is elimination. Your liver is responsible for eliminating the toxins in your body, but if it fails to work properly, all of the toxins are released through the skin. This is what mostly causes skin issues such as acne, dermatitis, premature wrinkles, itchy rashes, eczema, liver spots, and so on.
So, your skin can help you determine whether you have certain toxins in your body that need to be released. If any of these skin issues are appearing anywhere on your body, that may mean that your liver is not working properly. Remember that everything we put in our bodies equally affects both our inner and the outer health and the skin has a good way of showing it.
The best solution for this problem is to cut out toxins from your diet, limit the alcohol intake as well as processed and junk food.


Speaking of which, you need to stay hydrated and remember to drink water regularly. The lack of water will make your skin lose its elasticity and as a result it will make your skin look dull, dry, and old. Overall, drinking enough water every day is very important for your health in general. By drinking enough water you are enabling your body to better process the foods and drinks you consume throughout the day. The better your body process the food the better your overall health is. This will help your body digest and release any toxin that may be in your body and therefore as a result, your skin won’t have to handle the job of a messenger and alert you by showing rashes, acne and other skin issues on its surface.
Drinking enough water improves your metabolism, protects you from developing kidney stones, and can prevent urinary tract cancer. Dehydration can be bad for your overall health but also your mental health. It puts a lot of pressure on your brain and causes headaches and migraines. So, try to drink plenty of water every day since regular hydration is good for your overall health.


If you have acne breakouts on your skin pretty often even though you do your skin care every day, there are several possible causes. To determine what’s causing your breakouts it’s best to seek out help from a professional dermatologist who will be able to determine what’s causing your skin issues and what treatment will help you.
One of the reasons may have to do with your diet which includes the foods and drinks you consume on a daily basis. Now this may not be true for everyone since we all have different types of skin but most people tend to have breakouts caused by processed foods, dairy, and any food and drinks that contain high amounts of sugar. You can try avoiding these products for a while and switch for non-dairy products to see if there’s any chance. If still nothing changes, you should talk to a dermatologist.

Physical Activity

Staying physically active can also be beneficial for the skin. Think about your skin as your barrier. It protects you from the external factors and it also releases any toxins that may build up on the inside. Our skin also sweats a lot. This is one of the ways in which our skin also releases all of the negativity, toxin built up, and so on. So, by staying physically active and exercising, we help our skin protect us and release everything our bodies shouldn’t be holding in.

Mental Health

Lastly, it’s important that you take care of your mental health. All of the built up tension, stress, and anxiety can show up on your skin. For instance, you may get acne breakouts on your forehead whenever you’re stressed out. So, try to find ways that help you release stress and anxiety in a healthy way. That can be done through yoga or meditation, or something else.

Overall, by taking care of both our physical and mental health through exercising, eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, and so on, we can ensure our skin is healthy and glowing too.

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