Many among us may be leading their life with very low self-esteem. They may try to find the answer by reading many self-help books or visiting any psychiatrist and all that may help them to a certain extent.   

However, your real awakening will begin as you realize the real purpose of your life. Perhaps the worldly knowledge that most of us can get may not help to that extent as long as there is no spiritual awakening taking place. As a matter of fact, what exactly is a spiritual awakening that cannot be explicitly explained, but can only be realized.

By reading a few books that you can come across on the website of Confidence Headquarters may help you to some extent.

There is however one major flaw that you will find with most of the ‘self-help’ material that you come across in the market. There is one subtle flaw because it will create even deeper inferiority feeling particularly in those who may be believing in it. This flaw can be called “the imperfect self.”

Spiritual awakening is the best way to know really about yourself where you can get the answers to a few of your questions like - “Who am I?”, “Why I am here?,” and “What is the purpose of my life?” 

You will know about your spiritual awakening when you begin to realize that something is changing in you. Following are a few signs that will show the trend of your increasing self-esteem.

  1. Faint outrage

Be honest to answer these questions to yourself:

  • Are you finding yourself feeling insulted?
  • Do you feel offended at someone’s gestures,  glances, or words that perhaps you never noticed before?

If the answer is yes then you have almost reached your boundaries. Don’t be so sensitive but try to be polite and express your goodwill.

  1. Vague yearning

Your whole world of opportunities will awaken and expand the moment you stop thinking that you are disqualified from all your joy.

  1. Pickiness

If you start feeling that cotton feels much better on the skin than rayon, and you prefer to work with person “X” rather than person “Y” and also you prefer ice totally crushed in the summer drinks rather than cubes.

If you are living with low self-esteem then you will merely put up with every stuff, tolerate everyone and keep asking yourself how much low can I go? To what depths can I endure a certain individual? To what extent I can survive on the misery quietly?

  1. Regret

You may have a feeling of regret. You will start asking why did you tolerate all these for so long?

  1. Emptiness

You will then start deleting all that was in your mind as you will think that all that was in your mind was too toxic. Then what will be left behind? Totally a blank page! Deleting your attitudes, habits, etc. is really a very courageous act. 

You must remember that you are perfect and complete. Don’t get dejected as you are always loved and very soon you too will realize that you also love everyone.

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Kim Smith enjoys exploring the entertainment world with her thoughts and opinions on selfgrowth