How News Media Serving Ethiopian Community around the World?
Now the days are gone when people want to read a newspaper. As technology is getting smart, people are looking for smart ways to keep themselves aware of what’s happening around them. Having an online appearance is the best way to target your audience. For example, people want to read news online rather than investing in a newspaper. Here, we’ll see how news media is serving the Ethiopian community around the world.
When we talk about journalism and news scene, the first name that comes in our mind is Let me first introduce ZeHabesha. It is the latest Ethiopian News site and provides the Point of View 24/7. Yes, newspapers are a great way to convey the news to people, but having a robust online platform can make you a well-known and trustworthy brand. That’s what ZeHabesha has done.
Alyou A Tebeje is the Editor in Chief at Nearly 15 years ago, a gentleman planned and created an online journalism and news serving website. The idea was to swerve the Ethiopian community present all around the world. Moreover, he goes beyond a set a dedicated section for health. The idea was to promote a healthy population that can serve the country in the best way.
For this purpose, they established a dedicated health site to discuss health issues. This dedicated site's main concept was to build a healthy Ethiopian population who can live a good life and play a part in the country's growth. This site is established to encourage Ethiopians to get valuable health tips to treat common ailments and stay fit.
Who Is Alyou Tebeje?
Alyou Tebeje is the founder and executive editor of,, Moreover, in the past he administered KinijitMN, Kinijit North America, Andinet Party, and Finote Netsanet Websites. Along with news and journalism, he is working on improving the health of the Ethiopian population by providing them health tips.
What Is the Aim of
ZeHabesha is a comprehensive Ethiopian latest news source. It provides balanced news, issues across the political spectrum to the Ethiopian community, and perspectives. Moreover, is committed to separate news from views. Furthermore, it covers broad areas of health, politics, education, entertainment, and sports. The editorial section of the site is committed to advocatin

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