Any business, no matter what its size, age or industry- has to basically manage two things in order to grow- resources and time. Efficient management of these two factors can virtually guarantee that the business will grow from what it is today. Efficiency means getting the best possible outcomes with the least amount of inputs. So how can a business get more for less? Here we list some of the ways in whichZohoCRM can automate the cyclic parts of the sales process so that is no duplicity of effort which can help you save time and resources. These resources can be utilised where they are really needed and can help boost the bottom lines of the business.

•Efficient lead distribution – without automation, someone in your company will need to allow a lead to your sales reps whenever a new lead is generated. Every time your lead generation team comes up with a new lead you have to manually check which of your sales reps are available and how suitable will they be for that type of lead. If you generate multiple leads you will need to repeat this process or every single time. Not with ZohoCRM. Zoho CRM helps automate the whole lead distribution just the way you want it to. If you want each of your reps to work on an equal number of leads you can choose round robin method for lead allotment. If you want to assign leads in some special way – fret not. ZohoCRM also gives you the ability to set specific assign tasks for you leads to ensure the leads always go to the reps that you intended to.

•Effective first contact- sending the same welcome mail to each new lead is a repetitive process. So if you just need to copy paste the same content to the different people while only changing the names, why do you still have to do the same thing over and over again.ZohoCRM helps you avoid this waste of time and resources. With ZohoCRM you have the option of creating and saving email templates. This saves you from doing the boring work of copying and pasting the same data again and again and you can use the time to acquire more leads for the business. To boost the productivity even further, you can make use of Workflows feature in which you can automate the whole welcome email process such that the welcome mail is sent as soon as a new lead is generated.

•Timely engagement- following up with a lead is equally important as generating new leads. Businesses need to handle both the process effectively for the proper functioning of the sales channel. Zoho CRM can help you in doing just that. With the help of views and advanced filters, you can find out which leads haven’t been contacted recently or haven’t gotten a follow-up email or call. If you have to repeat this process, you can use macros which help you automate the process of sending follow-up messages.

•Proactive monitoring- in today’s competitive environment, businesses cannot afford to just wait for the clients to escalate issues. If this happens too often, the client might start looking for your replacement. To avoid this Zoho CRM helps you set up escalation rules which let you know of any issues in the process and also keeps the customer updated about the status of the issue.

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