Aviation is a very interesting field. When flying an aircraft, the pilot has to watch a small gadget called the Attitude Indicator which reveals the plane's attitude. In simple terms, the plane's attitude is its position in relation to the earth's horizon. Pilots know that the aircraft's attitude is of great importance since incorrect attitude can spell tragedy while a correct attitude ensures a successful journey, among other things.

You can be adversely circumstanced in life but your resultant attitude affects you more that the actual circumstance. Your response is your responsibility because you have the ability to respond in a constructive manner hence the word response-ability; Your ability to respond in a manner that does not put the circumstance in the driving seat of your life but keeps you in charge. You can choose to be a victim of circumstances or a victor in circumstances.

Your acceleration in life is not circumstantial but attitudinal and the attitude is optional. It could be a fact that your company does not remunerate the way you would want and then decide, "since my tax deduction is in accordance with how I earn I will also practice W.A.Y.E (Work As You Earn) on my job." You consequently decide to always go to work late and find every possible opportunity to leave early. There is no need to debate whether the possessor of such an attitude will excel in their chosen field of endeavor. For, not only is your reputation at stake, but your emotional health as well. On the other spectrum you can opt to say, "My company does not pay that much, but in terms of my work I commit to excellence and I choose never to be found wanting." With such an attitude you will not spend ten years or even five at the same level. Your reputation will certainly improve, but even your emotional health will get better.

It would be wonderful to employ people whose job description is to monitor and adjust your attitude while you attend to other things, but it is not so. Like bathing, your attitude in relation to your environment is a personal matter that only you can take care of.

Take a new look at your attitude to see if there are no small adjustments required. Work on your attitude today and ensure that it is congruent with the good that you desire for yourself.

There are many capable people who will not reach their zenith, not because nature has an implacable spite against them but as a result of not fine-tuning their attitude. They have been endowed with massive potential but they utilize it in the wrong direction.

It is you and not your circumstances that determine a nose up or nose down attitude. Take response-ability for your life and you will reach your zenith.

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Ozias is a motivational speaker and writer who specializes in self-development. His personal ambition to develop himself into a better person emotionally, mentally and spiritually has led him to become a life long student and teacher of self-development. Ozias conducts some motivational seminars with his main focus being Self-development, Success and Motivation.