Our world is a fearful place to live in nowadays. With the economic uncertainties besetting most companies, an empowered leader is needed who can boldly face the challenges in an unpredictable and sometimes scary business environment. Today's leader must be ruthless in as humane a manner as possible. An outstanding business leader must not only be capable of being in charge of others, he should also learn how to be in charge of himself.

It does not matter what position you hold in your organization, we all lead from where we are, why delay, in today's times it wouldn't be wise to just wait for your great leader to come out. In these times of economic uncertainties, a leader has no choice but to handle the crisis. With a self empowered mindset you will be prepared to face challenges and to come up with solutions. I know you can do it, you've done it before.

There are certain things a great leader must keep in mind all the time. As an executive coach I am observing how some leaders are resorting to panic and control while others stay engaged in effectively influencing the direction of their organization, their team and themselves. In difficult situations, deal with yourself first. It wouldn't be possible to lead if you are out of control. Take care of your emotions and immediate needs, and basically empowering yourself before being available to others who are in need.

Being a great leader also requires having a positive mind set. Ask yourself what you want instead of focusing on what is not working, what you don't want. This has been proven to have worked well with outstanding athletes. They are known to clearly envision a perfect performance in order to achieve it. This also applies to every leader who wants to achieve a set goal.

There will come a time when you begin doubting yourself and feel negative or defeated. But you should remember that you had overcome obstacles before which made you see a clear path towards achieving your goals. When these things happen, a leader's spirituality also plays an integral part. Faith has a big role in keeping you motivated. Have faith in yourself, you can do it, I know you can, and deep down, I daresay you know you can... otherwise you would never have entered the managerial arena. You are one of the great leaders; lead the helm with determination and influence!


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Debora McLaughlin is an ICF certified Executive & Business Coach, Consultant and Mentor. Known as the Personal Power of Influence Coach Debora works with executives, business owners and their managers to optimize profits, people and performance, creating influential leaders worldwide. She is a popular Speaker and well-known author of Blueprint for Success with Stephen R. Covey and Ken Blanchard, Roadmap for Career Success, Blueprint to Business Success Program, and forthcoming Personal Power of Influence.
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