How To Build Muscle Mass At Home
One common question often asked is: "Do I need to go to join a gym in order to workout and build muscle?. The answer to that question is a resounding 'no'. Positives and negatives exist for training at home or in a fitness centre. You can easily build muscle home.

Training in a run of the mill fitness centre will mean you have more equipment to choose from, access to professional advice and will probably be safer. However training in a gym can be annoying sometimes if you have to wait for a particular piece of equipment or the other gym users are sat around gossipping and not really interested in getting big.

As regards working-out at home, there are many benefits to this: no fee (my favourite), no hassle travelling there and parking, workout with your shirt off, you can play your own music, no queing for equipment and you don't have to worry about what other people are thinking about you when you are shouting at the bar for motivation.

The downsides are the outlay of money at first to get the equipment although this will probably last a long time and can also be sold again second hand easily enough you may also incur the wrath of your partner if you take up too much room.

Working-out at home allows you to build muscle mass at your convenience and if you go by the following how to build muscles fast at home guidelines you should not have a problem working-out at home:

1)Find a suitably large space, such as a garage, basement or spare room. The floor needs should be firm and strong making a ground floor a better option. Good ventilation will be welcome too. Water proof your garage if that is where you workout as this will stop water making your weights rust.

2) Any item easily damaged will have to be removed. There is a classic clip on youtube of a guy working out at home who whilst doing barbell curls puts the end of the barbell through the side of a fish tank! Funny of course unless it is your tank. A permanent location will avoid problems like this, imagine putting a barbell through a plasma tv screen or dropping a weight disc on a laptop computer, not fun.

3)Get the following pieces of equipment as a minimum: a set of cast iron dumbells and barbells, a weight bench, squat stand, a mat and a pull-up bar. The choice of home gym equipment is very good so shop around a bit but place high importance the durability and strength of the equipment because it will take a lot of hammer over the next few years!

4) Set out a decent workout. With the above equipment you can do all the classic muscle building exercises that will build muscle mass. Bench-presses, squats, pull-ups, dead lifts are all must have compound exercises which should be made use of followed by movements such as: barbell curls, upright rows, shrugs, shoulder presses, lunges, lateral raises and bent over rows are also good to use.

5) Consider the dangers. As you are going to be working out solo then get a friend around to help you if you want to perform any heavy one rep maximums as this will help keep you safe. Fasten tightly weight discs to the barbell. Many benches allow you to insert a special metal pin in at the lowest point of your lift, when the bar is just higher than your chest, do this because if you can't press it up again then you can rest it on the pins until you can press it, do the same thing on the squat stand also.

So, by following the above 'how to build muscle home guidelines' you can have a great workout, build heaps of muscle mass and all in the convenience of your own home.

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