When trying to build muscle up it is very easy to get carried away and sabotage your own progress and also to put yourself at risk of injury or illness without even realising it. Sure it is great that you want to workout and build muscle up but at the same time one bad injury, one forgetful moment can put you out of action for months and with possible health and financial consequences. By adhering to the following guidelines such incidents can be easily avoided. Here we go with our build muscle up safely guidelines:

1) Always check and double check you have put the barbell collars on before you start lifting. Just a slight looseness of a collar can cause one side to be heavier. The heavier side will force it's way down and the weight disc may slide even further until it drops off. When this happens that end will be very light and thrown upwards by the opposing disc. The barbell will then travel viciously through the air and potentially do some nasty damage to either people or equipment!

2) If you are doing one rep maximum lifts then do so with a spotter. This is person who watches you and is ready to help you out if you start struggling. The last thing you want to occur is to have yourself stuck weighted down by a heavy barbell, you may laugh but I've seen it happen.

3) Steer clear of the gym if you are sick. Seems too obvious but I regularly see people who are clearly suffering from a high fever and cough splutter, there way through a training session. More often than not the trainer beats none of their best scores and only lands themselves in bed for a few days. By exercising when you are sick you are allowing the illness to take a greater hold of you because exercising temporarily lowers your immune system.

4) Use proper technique. If you perform exercises incorrectly like swinging barbells using your body's momentum then you not only risk serious injury but you will also make little progress as you aren't targeting the muscle group well enough. Strictly correct form must always be used.

5) Do not over do it. It is very common when motivation is high especially for newbie’s that you want to lift weights as often as possible. This motivation is good but training everyday or even every other day will probably be too much for most people unless it is a split routine. You will more than likely weaken your muscles if you do another training session before they have full recuperated from the last session.

6) Not dieting properly. If you wish to grow more muscle then you are going to have place a high priority on muscle building nutrition. If you do not take on board sufficient calories then you are not going to be able to support growth of more muscle mass rendering your efforts useless. Eat high quality foods frequently throughout the day.

7) Showing off to your friends. Lifting too much weight and competing with friends can be great motivation but also can be a recipe for disaster. It is much more productive to try to beat your own personal best scores. write down your workout scores in a training log so that you know what scores you have to beat for your next workout. This is much more beneficial and safer for you.

8) Warm up adequately. If you do not then your muscle are far more likely to tear and get damaged. This can keep you out of action for weeks or possibly even months. It is very simple to do, 5-10 minutes cardio, stretching exercises followed by a few warm up reps will do fine.

With those above guidelines in mind and with correct muscle building nutrition there is no reason why you should not build muscle up happily and safely where ever you train.

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