If you're thinking about colon cleansing for the first time and wondering if it can work, the choices can seem overwhelming. On the market there are several kinds of cleansing programs including oxygen cleanses, fiber programs, specialized diets, herbal cleanses and fasting. Each one of them works differently and gets different results. But no matter what kind of cleanse you end up doing, you will improve your results with the advice in these tips.

TIP 1. Learn about all the options and how they work. Colon cleansing can be accomplished through fasting, through herbs, through diet and through water (colon hydrotherapy). I've tried all of them and I've found that cleanses based on herbs or oxygen cleanses do the best job.

TIP 2. Prepare well for any type of colon cleanse by changing your diet. No matter which kind of cleansing program you choose, you will get better results by taking 3-5 days to prepare. During this time, cut out all processed foods and eat at least 50% of your diet in fresh fruits and vegetables. It's also helpful to cut out most if not all dairy products, meats and breads as they are mucous forming. Any program you try should come with complete instructions detailing this diet for you.

TIP 3. During your cleanse be patient and stay with it. Don't expect to undo years of poor eating habits, stress or lack of exercise with a one time cleanse. And remember that you may need to cleanse several times before you achieve all your health goals. "Slowly is holy" is the motto I follow.

TIP 4. Be prepared for changes. After your colon cleanse, you probably won't want to eat the same things as you did before. Pay attention to how your body feels after you eat and allow your diet to change to foods that make you feel better. In other words, don't cram junk into your body after you clean it out.

If you have any doubts about colon cleansing, remember these words of Dr. Norman Walker, the inventor of vegetable juicing: "To have a clean colon is the best health insurance we can have." Dr. Walker seemed to know what he was talking about - he had a healthy and productive life of over 100 years.

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