The secret to channeling is just to quiet your conscious mind so that you can hear Spirit speaking to you. In meditation and trance we are connected to our Higher Self and to our guides and angels.

Channeling is really very easy to do. The most important part of channeling is just believing that you can do it.

Many people have blocks to psychic work as they believe that it is "evil". There is nothing that is evil if it is used for good. Source gave us this amazing mind and the ability to tap into Spirit. We were also given guides and angels to help us. When we go about our lives without their guidance, we stumble in the darkness when we could be walking in the Light.


You can begin by calming your breathing, taking deep breaths and relaxing with every breath. As you relax, clear your mind of all conscious thought. If you need to, just focus on "love" as your thought until you are able to quiet your mind completely.

With practice you will begin to have thoughts or feelings of pure love and bliss. You will feel love as you have never felt it before. You may begin to see pictures or hear words as well as your guides and angels contact you. Ask simply for what you need to know or what they would like to tell you and then listen, they will come. The more you do this, the more messages you will receive.


This is a guided meditation that I like to teach my channeling students. I hope you find it helpful.

This starts much as the meditation above with deep breathing in order to relax and calm yourself. As you feel yourself relaxing, say to yourself, "deeper and deeper relaxed" and you will feel yourself going into a deeply relaxed state-this is the trance state.

Picture a beautiful setting somewhere that means something to you. It could be a place that you have visited before or a place that you make up. It might be a meadow or a mountain top. Make sure it speaks to your heart.

Picture some steps going down, maybe five, to this beautiful place. It could be stepping stones down to a meadow or a rock outcropping but feel yourself going down the steps. Now that you have reached the
bottom and are in your special place, picture off in the distance a temple of some sort-again use your imagination. Know that this is the Temple of Spirit-it is the place where you will meet your Higher Self, your Spirit Guide and your Guardian Angel.

As you walk toward your temple, know that you will meet your Higher Self, your Spirit Guide and your Guardian Angel in this place-prepare yourself for that. As you get closer to your temple, picture about five steps up to the entrance to the temple. As you go up these steps, tell yourself that you are going higher and higher in vibration
to meet your Spirit helper.

When you reach the entrance, go inside where you will find a comfortable chair with a beautiful full-length mirror in front of it. Sit down in the chair and look at your reflection in the mirror. You will begin to see your reflection change into your Higher Self. This is your Divine self as you really are-without the ego trappings or the
self-judgment of your conscious mind. You will see yourself in all of the beauty that is your true self. Ask your Higher Self for its name and if it has any messages for you. Listen for the answers.

Now, notice that you see reflected in the mirror to the left of you, your Spirit Guide. Ask your guide for his/her name and if they have any messages for you. Listen for the answers.

Now, notice that you see to the right of you, your Guardian Angel. Ask for his/her name and if they have any messages for you. Again, listen for the answers.

Tell them it is time to leave this place but ask them to come with you as you go out into the world. They will come with you as they are a part of you now. Tell yourself that you can come back here to the Temple of Spirit any time you like but that your Spirit friends are with you now and always. You can talk to them any time you like. Go back down the temple steps and back across your special place, telling yourself that you are coming back to the current world now but with friends. Feel yourself coming back to the present but filled with
love and light. If you need some more grounding, you can drink some water and rub your feet on the ground.

Once your Guide and your Guardian Angel have been invited into your life by you, they are always with you. They are our best friends and most loving allies. Once you meet them, you will never be alone again.

Author's Bio: 

Donna Watkins is a talented Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Channel, Medium, Psychic and Ordained Minister. She received her formal hypnosis training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe, NM and studied Humanistic NLP in Santa Fe with internationally renowned instructor Gary de Rodriguez. She also attended advanced hypnosis training with Gil Boyne, Master Hypnotist and Timothy Trujillo, CHt. which led to a certification in hypnosis for Immune Disorders including HIV/Aids.

Donna has been reading and studying Tarot for over 30 years and has studied formally with her mentor, teacher and Tarot scholar, Darlene Costello. Having been interested in the spiritual and psychic world since childhood, Donna began studying with professional Channel and Psychic Betsy Morgan in 2007.

Along with her husband, Dr. Rudy Watkins, she owns Rudon Spirit and Wellness. Their primary mission is to help others maximize their true potential in Spirit, Body and Mind.

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