There is nothing wrong in looking for new career and job opportunities even when you already have one. Anyone may just look to find a new job. You can be a student looking to start a fresh career and land a job. You can be a mid-career changer. Or you can be one of those jobseekers who are not satisfied or hate their current job. When you are out to find a new job, you should have a job search strategy to follow. Without an action plan, you can really have a tough time finding a new job for yourself. Moreover, spending too much a long period and not getting a job may also make you feel depressed and dejected. Therefore, always follow an action plan or a job hunting strategy when you go about finding a job.

Given below are some essential tips to help you through your job hunting process.

Examine Your Life/ Career
The very first step towards finding a new job is to make an assessment of your career. Figure out whether you current job or career will lead you to your life goals. Where do you find yourself heading in your career? Is the career path you have chosen right for you? It is essential to find answers to these questions and more relating to your career objectives and life goals.

Set Your Job Search Goals or Career Goals
Do your homework on the available job options, employers that you have targeted and the career that you want to pursue. Have you vision clear about where you would like to see yourself 5 months or 5 years down the lane. In any case, do not have unrealistic goals or expectations.

Expand Your Professional Network
It is no surprise that around 70%-80% people land jobs through professional networking and references from their contacts. When you are out to find a new job, you should never underestimate the power of the professional networking tool. Make sincere efforts to expand the number of contacts on your network more and more and reconnect with people. It does not mean you need to ‘ask for a job’ from your contacts. But you can always ask them for ‘job information’.

Acquire New Skills / Knowledge
While hunting for a job, you should be aware that employers always prefer candidates who have strong interpersonal skills. So, work on your communication skills, team playing skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills and ability to adapt to the changes taking place in the workplace.

Obtain Additional Training/ Certification
Keep looking for a new job. At the same time, be ready to obtain additional training and certification. It is never a bad idea to go back to school for training or certification required for the advancement of your career. Thanks to the availability of hundreds of online professional schools, colleges and universities. Online education saves you a lot of time and money as well as offers a lot of flexibility in attending classes at a time you want.

Fine-tune Your Interviewing Skills
When searching for new jobs and applying for them, you should also have a look at how good your interviewing skills are. Choose a trustworthy person from your friend circle or you family and sharpen your interviewing skills. With more and more practice, you become more confident.

Work on Marketing Yourself
Marketability always has a pivotal role to play when you are trying to find a job. There is touch competition out there. You should know how to market yourself to employers. You should have the ability to stand apart from the crowd.

The process of job hunting is a long process. It is always advisable that you have patience and are consistent in your efforts and stick to the job finding strategy. Always have a positive attitude, keep acquiring new skills and avoid the company of negative people.

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