How do I use search engines to increase site traffic? I am hearing this question very frequently. In fact, is absolutely normal, considering that we are talking about free traffic. Ranking high in Google's search results has a phenomenal impact on the success of your business. Well, you have two options for that. Either you engage some Search Engine Optimization expert company, or if you have time and good disposition, you can do it by yourself.

How do I use search engines to increase site traffic? I will explain you the steps I am following to keep an website with 18 pages on the first page in Google for every single page. The most important is the keyword research. You should think as you are your own customers, what would you type in Google search for your products or services? It could be a keyword from one word, but it is hard to believe that Google or any other search engine would find your site with one single word among billions of websites. Keyword phrases are usually indicated, because they are more specific and more likely to be what your customers are looking for. Find few keyword phrases with less competition, which can give you the possibility to be on the first page in Google even if you just launch your website. For competitive keywords you need time to rank high. Google will never set you higher than a website with ten years of existence for the same keyword.

How do I use search engines to increase site traffic? Another factor, very important is the content. You must have unique, original content. Google doesn't love duplicate content. You have a service online, (type in Google Search just like that and you will be pointed there), which can help you to check your content. You have some free trials, then you can purchase 100 searches for $5, that's 5 cents for one query. Copyscape will show you every phrase with duplicate words on the web and you may rewrite them in order to become unique. Also, do not forget that your content must be related to your keywords, otherwise it has no value. How do I use search engines to increase site traffic? Place your keywords in the title of the webpage, in headings, include keywords in the text at top of the page, at the bottom of the page, and wherever you can find it a logic place in the body text. Wherever you have a hot link to another URL, use keywords in the anchor text, bold the keywords where is appropriate, make whatever you can to keep your keywords in sight, but do not exaggerate in the detriment of the content. The keyword density may be relevant, but content has priority always. Your goal may be to rank high in Google, but the real purpose is to transmit a message to your readers, to determine them to take action somehow, whatever you are promoting on that page.

How do I use search engines to increase site traffic? Keep in mind that search engines can only read text, not pictures. You can put keywords as name of the images you display in your web pages, the so called "alt tags", or you can watermark your images with keywords. You may find tutorials about this things just typing in Google Search what you are looking for (it will also be a prove how to pick up your keywords). Another important factor are the one-way links from other websites to your website. Each link from another website is considered by search engines as a vote of popularity for your business and will improve your rankings. But the links from other websites should be relevant to your activity, and preferably highly ranked themselves.

How do I use search engines to increase site traffic? I submit my website to search engines and web directories, I am writing articles, I am blogging, I am using social networking for promoting my website, there are a lot of ways to use search engines to increase the traffic at your website. Visit my site and you will find out a lot of free methods to drive targeted traffic to your website.

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