Here's the question that came in:

How do you attract money when you really, really "need" it (as in, you could lose your home if it doesn't come quickly) opposed to just desiring more? My understanding is "need" represents "lack" and then you get more "lack"....but when the need is quite serious, what do you do?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say sometimes you really, really need money, and you NEED it quickly! To pretend everything's cool--when your house is about to go on the block--is insane.

You wouldn't believe how many people try to hire me so I can waive my magic wand, fix their mindset and make their problems go away "poof!" They watched "The Secret" and read some books that told them to create vision boards, raise their vibrations and tithe (all good stuff); but they don't want to get serious about their business!

Since you asked what I do, I'll tell you: I ask my "Money Honey" (my tall, dark, handsome personification of money who happens look a lot like Clive Owen these days).

I'll say, "Money, I'm feeling anxious. What do you want me to do so I can feel less anxious?"

Here's the #1 answer that comes back: "Be creative."

What if your money said that to you?

I'll tip my hand here. At different times being creative has looked like

  • have a sale
  • send out an email
  • create a product (or create THAT product I've been putting off)
  • create a new class
  • say yes to trying something different and scary
  • say no to things I've been doing, like undercharging.

These answers don't look magical, but my results have been miraculous.

The answer to your dilemna can be so obvious that you don't even see it. The bottom line in business always comes down to this: the problem you solve has to be bigger than the money you charge. And your customer has to know it. That's YOUR responsibility.

A positive mindset is not enough. You have to HELP your money come to you.

EDUCATE yourself on business, branding, marketing, and the skills you need to help your customers. The more you know, the more flexibility and opportunities you have to attract money when you need it.

I know this advice may feel like it's coming a little late when your house is about to go into foreclosure. You MUST talk to your money!!! What does your money need in order to come to you?

The clients who see the most magic and synchronicity are the ones who aren't willing to sit around and wait for magic and synchronicity. Ironic, isn't it?

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Morgana Rae is an internationally acclaimed life coach, author, and professional speaker, and regarded as the world's top Relationship with Money coach. Morgana guides entrepreneurs to attract more than they chase, market creatively and inexpensively, and RADICALLY change their relationship with Money!


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