I have clients that see a thousand patient visits per week that are an outrageous success in their ideal and I have clients who see 100 patient visits per week who are just as big a success. How is this possible you ask?


The key here is to realize that there is NO ONE WAY TO DEFINE SUCCESS............. RATHER THERE ARE BILLIONS OF WAYS (7 billion to be somewhat exact ……. As many ways as there are people on the planet).

So many times I have met doctors who are defining their success (or lack of success) by someone else's standards. They are defining it by some platform speaker’s definition or by what some clinician at school told them success was or by what some other chiropractor in their community defines success as.


NO ONE can define success for another person. Our culture tends to focus more on the monetary success of life and this tends to flavor many of our own thoughts and decisions on the subject. Yet I challenge you to put a price tag on watching your son or daughter hit their first base hit in little league or score their first goal in hockey or do their first dance recital.


I remember an exercise I had some clients do at a conference I was speaking at recently that really hit this point home for them. I had them put a $5,000 price tag on some of the items I mentioned above. Then I had them add up how many times per year they got to participate in these sorts of activities with their children, spouse or friends. I then had them add these dollars to the income their practice was generating. Finally I asked them how many were running a million dollar practice but they just weren't aware of it. ALMOST EVERYONE IN THE ROOM PUT UP THEIR HANDS EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE ONLY A FEW OF THEM WHO WERE DOING IT USING ACTUAL DOLLARS!

I'll never forget this doctor from the southern States who stood up and with tears running down his face described how for the first time in his 33-year career he FINALLY felt like a success. He knew in his heart of hearts he was a million dollar practitioner but his financial statements had never showed it until that moment. His heartfelt thanks for helping him realize what a gifted "million dollar" practitioner he really has been all these years was worth more than I can ever express in words.

See I contend that most if not all of us are running a million dollar practice, it is just that the form of the energy we are exchanging for our chiropractic care is not all in the denomination called money. A great deal of it is in the form called time and what you consciously do with that time is the real key to defining success in your own ideal!

A big part of my definition of success is consciously creating life in your own ideal and choosing how you exchange your energy (things like your time, money, love) and with whom. So I challenge you to step back and start to more consciously choose what you would love your life to look like and where you would like to exchange your energy. As a result of getting much clearer about this you can start to design and manifest your dream life and practice instead of working in an unfulfilling vacuum wondering if this is the practice and life you want to lead.

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Over the last 12 years Dr. Tom has coached thousands of docs and private business entrepreneurs HOW TO design and manifest the life and business they desire and deserve through his proprietary 4 pillared coaching process. A successful author and trainer he has spoken at more than 200 chiropractic and wellness focused seminars and meetings all over the world. www.drtompreston.com

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