There are many ways to experience the love and companionship of the person you care the most for. The most common being sex, but sometimes sex is not what one person wants to do, and if this is the case, there is something that both can experience that is not sex, but is something completely different; erotic massage.

Erotic massage goes beyond sex for the couple who practices it. When you have sex with a partner, you are getting close to them and intimate with them, but with all the passion and ecstasy, there is little time for self discovery. For many, foreplay is non-existent, so practicing erotic massage is the best way to discover more about yourself and your partner.

Even if you do not know how to give a massage, you can provide a sensual massage simply by understanding the art of a sensual massage. What is this? Well, it is essentially being able to provide a massage that is calm and relaxing. It does not focus on loosening up the muscles, but loosening the mind to open into new realms. It uses gentle touching, the fingertips and light caresses to achieve the desired result for the couple.

When you give a full body sensual massage to someone you love, you are providing them with the an experience that borders on the realm of Tantric massage, where you delve into self-discovery to learn about yourself and the universe around you.

There is a misconception that says erotic massage and Tantric massage has to be about sex, that it has to lead to sex. Often, the greatest joy that comes from Tantric massage and full body sensual massages is that it does not lead to sex and that is simply two people becoming closer to each other through gentle touching and caresses.

As for how to perform sensual massage and the art of sensual massage, just remember that there is no rushing, that everything is calm. Have your partner lie down on the floor in front of you, naked of course, and then slowly caress them with your fingertips, oils or even a feather. The importance lies on the gentle touch and how it just barely touches the skin. Move your fingertips and the feather around the body, exploring everything about your partner, from their feet to their genitals, from their belly to their hair. There are so many erogenous zones in the body that you are going to delight your partner with your gentle touch as you slowly caress them.

You should not think of this as foreplay, as it is not going to lead to sex. In fact, it is only to join together the two of you in the tradition of the Tantric Texts. It will allow you to become one with each other as you slowly grow closer through the act of Tantric massage and sensual massage.

Remember what the point of sensual massage is, it is sensual, relaxed and calm. There is focusing on different parts of the body and you are exploring every part of your partner. Spend time on their genitals, slowly moving fingers around them, don’t forget about the buttock either as it has many different nerves in it that can delight your partner when you gentle caress them.

Full Body Sensuous massage is a truly unique experience between you and your partner. You will find new realms of pleasure by exploring your partner and having them explore you. Whether they use a feather, oils or just their fingers, you are in for an intimate experience that will leave you breathless, which says a lot considering there is no sex involved.

Give it a try and see what realms it takes you to.

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