A few years ago, I stopped to complement a 20-something friend who seemed to smile more than most people. His response startled me, and offered me a new path to follow.

"When I wake up each morning, before even opening my eyes," he said, "I start to smile. I know that if I wake up smiling, that it will set the direction for my day." When I mentioned this to his wife, she was amazed. "I never knew that he woke up smiling, on purpose! Whenever I see him smiling with his eyes still closed, I wake up happy."

Topher's habit quickly became my own. And now, I wake up smiling almost every day.

How may times do you smile during the day? How many times do you laugh? Studies show that a child under the age of five laughs up to 300 times a day. They're like a walking laugh-box. By contrast. an adult laughs only 15 times a day. Some adults never laugh!

A true smile, one that emerges from the heart, will send blood to all the ells in the body and creates a state of harmony throughout the body. It creates a chemical change that organizes and focuses your engergy, and sends a spark to everything around you, opening up the possibility for change to occur.

How many times do you smile a day? And why? I'd love to know.

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