How Much Money Can You Take?

No, really!

One of the most fascinating exercises I do in my Intensives, is to have participants write down how their minds, imagination and bodies respond when I give them a particular number that is preceded by the words, “I am Making…….”

I usually start at $25,000 and I take it up to a few million dollars.

Ex. ” I am Making $25,000 every year”.

At $25,000 most feel very restricted. Some see themselves living in a trailer park. It’s just not enough. They’re struggling. They feel depressed. Then, moving from about $100,000 to $1,000,000 it starts to vary. Some get more relaxed and some even start getting slightly dizzy! I know when people start hitting their ceiling when I see them chuckling nervously to themselves or squirming in their chairs.

One participant told me he wanted to make $1,000,000 but in the process of doing this exercise, learned that his goal was not high enough, given the lifestyle he wants. On the flipside, other participants claimed their bodies went numb and their minds shut down. $1,000,000 was just not within their realm. They just could not relate.

We all have our own number as to how much income we want (assuming you do know and have given thought to your financial health).

Here’s the thing.

If you really want to make and allow more money to flow to and through you,. you have to be prepared to get uncomfortable. Because you don’t know what it really feels like to make more than you ever have, it will naturally feel uncomfortable for you as you approach your goal.. As a result you might be subconsciously moving away from more money, which is what I see a lot of people do. It’s almost like they repel money when they their goal is in sight! They start to give it away, they start buying more things,

But you grow by pushing beyond what you know and have experienced, not by staying where you are.

Let’s say your goal is $100,000 of income per year..How do people who make $100,000 operate their lives? Their time? Their business or in their job?

Now, let’s say your goal is to make $1,000,000 per year. Apply the same questions and I think you will find the answers to be very different from people who earn $100,000.

As wonderful as having and making more money might be, it requires you to prepare new muscles to be able to both handle it AND hold on to it (this is why over 50% of lottery winners end up in bankruptcy; they don’t have the muscles to bear the weight of all the money they have gained!).

So if you have a number in mind, what’s your plan as to how you are going to get there?

Here are some of the ways you can get started.

1. Think of people whom you admire. Observe them. Observe the way their minds work, the way they handle relationships, their emotional and physical health, the way they spend money… Get inside their heads. Imagine how they need to be wired in order to achieve what they have achieved. This is fun homework! but requires you to be very analytical. If you find yourself getting into comparison mode, then you need to work on that aspect of yourself. Because when you do that, you immediately throw yourself into a place of “limited opportunities for a limited number of people” thinking and that will cause you to put your brakes on or zap your willingness to live up to your dream. It will also make your journey a lot more difficult because this attitude and kind of thinking will constantly pit you against others. The world has changed and this is now about cooperation and community.

2. Hire someone who can help you leap, like a mentor coach. This will change your life. No question about it. AND your process will be so much faster. Sometimes you just can’t see yourself as well as others who are trained to laser in on the wonderful qualities you have to offer and the aspects of yourself that get in your way. Just turn the tv on and notice how most people you see have coaches or people who are always advising them; the sports men and women, the actors and actresses, the politicians, the on-air news reporters, etc etc. Remember, no man is an island!

3. Nourish your mind with inspiring and educational books like:

“The Secrets of 6-Figure Women” by Barbara Stanny (6-figures is already passe, given how the number of millionaire women is growing. Stanny is currently working on a book, “Secrets of 7-Figure Women” as a result).

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

“As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen

“Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck

Be mindful of what you feed your brain. It is no different from watching what you put into your body. You just don’t “see” your mind, but that is the most powerful tool to create wealth.

4. The most important thing is to take action now. Set yourself up RIGHT NOW for financial success. DECIDE that you are going to reach your number.

Many people break down here. They decide, but with the brakes on. Then when something seemingly better comes along, they kind of wander off and before you know it they have gotten off their intended track. The problem with this behavior is you teach yourself that you are not reliable; that you are not good for your word. Then it tears something inside you because you have let yourself down. So the next time you decide to do something, there is a little bird inside your head that pecks at your conscience and says ” But remember what you did last time when you said you would do this??”. I have discovered a much deeper appreciation for people who do have success in their lives because I understand now what it takes to have it, how much faith and effort it requires of your mind, heart and soul to stand up for what you want and move towards it.

Do you see how important it is to harness your mind and work on your self esteem to build your wealth? Do you see how money is merely the physical ramification of all that is inside you? Do you see how your money relationship starts with your relationship to yourself?

As you develop your new muscles, you might “get sore” at first, but work at it on a daily, consistent basis. Go with blinders on. THEN let’s talk about how much money you can take : )!

Author's Bio: 

Helen Kim is an active workshop presenter, speaker and founder of, a company devoted to helping people gain clarity around their relationship to money so they can make conscious financial decisions. Through her workshops, coaching programs, articles and products, Helen helps you loosen the grip that money holds over you, allowing you to experience freedom from the inside, out. With her mindful approach, Helen gives you the opportunity to create a positive, dynamic and nurturing relationship to money and therefore, yourself. The results; a foundation from which you can create a conscious-based, fulfilling life.

Whether you are held hostage to money because you are unable to spend it, you overspend on unnecessary objects or things that you don’t even need or want, you find yourself caught in a debting cycle or you are a chronic under earner, Helen helps you help yourself, believing that we all hold our own answers. Awareness is key in this work of undercovering your money beliefs and coming to understand that which prevents you from moving into your desired place of being.

With 20 years of professional experience as a consultant in business development, career counseling, and management, she has led many workshops and seminars for entrepreneurs, artists and professionals working in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds. Some of her many clients have included the Yale University, Juilliard School, University of Maryland, Boston University, Rutgers University, Riverside Church, International Events Group and the Sony Foundation. She has also been interviewed on National Public Radio’s daily program, Marketplace.

Helen is a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor. A former cellist, she also earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the Juilliard School of Music and studied privately in London, England. And yes, she did practice, practice, practice and eventually got to Carnegie Hall.

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