I seen on TV the other day that there's an epidemic of not taking responsibility these days.

It's only to be expected really when we are clueless about how to deal with difficulties in general when they come up, so we find some really inventive ways of running away from them. It's not that we're lazy (well some of us are!), and it's not that we do it deliberately (well, some of us do that too!), but some little part of us just wants peace and that unconscious part takes over, no matter what our good intentions may be.

Here's a few tips for the seeker of an easy life!

1) Be a child (not possible for all!)

2) Be a man (sorry! sexist and untrue but quite funny!)

3) Get sick, or stay sick. It is unconscious so don't get offended.

4) Blame others. If we take the blame we need to do something, and half the time we don't know what to do.

5) Do a bad job when someone asks you to do them a favour.

6) Act stupid when asked to do something.

7) Dumb down to avoid standing out from everyone else who are also dumbing down!

8) Be obnoxious.

9) Volunteer for the easy jobs first.

10) Critisise (closely related to blaming) and feel superior.

11) Take ages to get a job done, or procrastinate.

12) Charm the socks off others, then get them to do the work.

13) Marry a guilty person.

14) Don't put your brain into gear too much. You might need it later for something more important, like weedling your way out of a job you want to avoid.

15) Make laziness an art! Be proud of it! Join together with other lazy people and form lazy clubs!

16) Have a repertoire of excuses at the ready, like 'I can't help it. It's my hormones/ upbringing/ education/ my trauma/ horoscope/ full moon/ my husband won't let me/ I haven't got the time/ money/ I've had a lot on my plate, etc.

17) Get Mum to do it!

18) Run for the hills!

19) Say to yourself, 'I can't!'

As I said, don't take offence! Responsibility isn't a problem if we know how to do things with the minimum of effort. If we had all the answers, we'd all want to grab it with both hands, cos the buzz of overcoming those difficulties is worth it. Thats real power instead of living half a life handing it over to others!

Take it from one who has a love-hate relationship with it!

Check out www.hooponopono.org for the ultimate in taking responsibility.

Author's Bio: 

Liz Temple has a special interest in energy psychological techniques and uses them in her work with people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties.