Tantric sexuality practices have been around for many centuries and are still today helping people all over the world to resolve their difficulties and problems in the bedroom. The fact is that there is no better way to develop or redevelop the trust and intimacy that is necessary to maximize your enjoyment of great lovemaking than by exploring the Tantric arts. Yes, there are those Kama Sutra lovemaking positions that everyone always thinks of first, but there is so much more to Tantra. Let's examine how applying the Tantric philosophies to your life can upgrade your level of sexual activity, elongation, enjoyment and most importantly, comfort.

You see, Tantra is all about connecting your thoughts with your body and with the body of your sexual partner. When people endeavor to learn and practice the Tantric arts, they are opening their minds up to the possibilities of adventure and freedom. They are becoming as one with the energies of the universe itself. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what the word Tantra means. The root word "tan", when translated from Sanskrit, means "to weave" or "to mesh together with". Tantric practitioners are discovering how to live with their hearts open to love. They learn how to focus on the optimization of pleasure - not just sexual pleasure, but pleasures from any and all sources.

You must realize that Tantra is more than just a great approach to fantastic sex; it is an age-old method of meditation and holistic health principals. Lovemaking is but one vehicle (a very nice vehicle) to bring about the profound benefits that Tantra aspires towards. Being a system for the holistic development of the individual, Tantra encourages a multi-faceted approach to recognizing a better life in general. Now, when people are experiencing sexual problems, they are normally the result of imbalances in other parts of life. If you are experiencing low libido activity, then you are probably stressed out about certain areas of your life other than sex. With Tantra, you are encouraged to relax and accept the gifts of love and pleasure from your partner. Nothing is expected of you except to thoroughly enjoy yourself - to open up mentally, spiritually and sexually.

Tantric massage is specifically designed to address the concept of controlling your orgasmic responses. Slow time is taken with each member of a given union and ejaculation is able to be controlled. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, Tantric massage (Lingam massage specifically) can lead you to mastery over your orgasmic responses to stimulation. Your orgasms are enhanced; intensified. They last longer when you allow them to happen and blow your mind because your mind is exactly what is in control. Tantric practitioners experience total body orgasms. They are able to focus their minds, hearts and genitalia into the sex act simultaneously.

Tantra is an art form for developing your cosmic connection to everything and everyone in the universe. You are able to become as one with all of the energy and matter around you. You realize that you are an integral component of life and as such, you are allowed to relax and enjoy your life, your time and your sexuality. Tantric sexuality is able to solve your bedroom difficulties - even if they have plagued you for years - because it teaches you a new way of perceiving the act of making love. It opens your mind up to new possibilities of enjoyment and exploration. It forgives you any guilt that you may feel - even if you are unaware of it - and allows you to feel good again about sex.

Tantra is all about enjoying the pleasures that life has to offer. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our stressors and forget that our lives should be filled with joy and happiness. Tantric sexuality can lift you to higher planes of sexual gratification and deliver you to an entirely new realm of happiness and wisdom.

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